Friday, November 27, 2009


Beauty and The Nonsurgical Face lift should interest most women of "a certain age." However, when it comes to determining beauty the phrase "beauty is different to different people" rings true to my ears. After all, beauty is in the mind of the beholder and how that person perceives your beauty can have a lot to do with your inner beauty, a generosity of spirit, a glowing smile and a compassionate heart. The greatest concern of many mature women is how to maintain their skin's firm structure and look younger than their chronological age. It is natural for the skin to age but it doesn't have to require surgery. To lift your outlook on beauty there are excellent natural remedies and some excellent recommendations by Edgar Cayce.
It's difficult to noticeably alter the facial features that you were born but there is a lot that you can do to maintain the beauty you have been granted by nature. As a matter of fact, when friends of mine have had face lifts I am amazed by the results, but it seems to me that something is missing in their face. To me that with the smoothing out and tightening of the skin those character lines that made their face so interesting and gave them individuality is missing. I wholeheartedly agree that there is no question about the skill of plastic surgeons and how important it is to correct serious deformities from burns, accidents and war injuries justifies. However, one can avoid cosmetic surgery by natural measures.
The basic approach to postponing cosmetic surgery is an early start on good nutrition, exercise, massage and facial exercises. Exercise!!! Yes, like every other part of our body the face is made up of bones, blood vessels, connective tissue, fat, nerves and 26 voluntary muscles. However, as we age the face may drop, sag and produce a railroad of wrinkles. Negative thoughts ("The MIND," Edgar Cayce 1947-4) and poor circulation can promote wrinkles, blemishes and a ruddy color. Cayce went on to say that spirit, serenity, and positive thinking as well as good health can be reflected in your fact. Poor elimination, he advised, will not only produce blackheads, pimples and dry or oily skin, but he suggests is one of the chief causes of skin diseases.
The Non Surgical Approach
The earlier you start an exercise beauty regime that includes exercising the face the better will be the toning and prevention of wrinkles. Your daily exercise regime should start each day with Edgar Cayce's recommended head-and-neck exercises. It is best to do the facial exercise slowly and gently. First facing forward then slowly turn your head to the right shoulder, pause and roll the head to the back, then move to the left shoulder and return to the front. Edgar Cayce again and again in his readings, emphasized the importance of consistency and regularity in all things saying "Whenever something is begun and then left off, it becomes detrimental." (457-12). Of course, it is best to do this exercise at least six times on either side at home each day. However, there are other exercises to add to this regime.
Eye Exercises
To help to avoid puffiness and eye-strain when working at the computer or reading add this eye exercise is easy to do. Sit erect, eyes forward. Close your eyes roll your eyeballs to the extreme right, then look up, after roll eyeballs to the extreme right and last down to bottom of the socket. Do this exercise slowly and concentrate and hold each placement for one second. Do this exercise whenever you feel the need to relieve your eyes from heavy concentration. You can also squeeze eyes shut, tighten the closure and hold for a count of ten, repeat several times and feel the release.
Drinking Water
My chiropractor, Dr. Scott Keller, a Caycean practitioner is always asking me if I've been drinking enough water because he can tell by the tightness in my body that it needs more water. He recommends at least 8 glass a day to flush our toxins and lubricate the body. On another related subject Edgar Cayce advocated that drinks made with carbonated water were rarely recommend in the readings. One reason for this is expressed as follows:.....keep away from those that tend to producer acidity in the system. Beware of any of those drinks that carry too great a quantity of carbonated waters, or of such natures that produce an alcoholic reaction (1889-1)
Without spending any money you can start early on a beauty regime, but remember consistency and regularity are keys to maintaining beauty through the nonsurgical face lift.


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