Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The Message is in the Rainbow, my book on the powerful psychology of color as it affects mind, body and spirit, also includes the rainbow of colors that emerge from the sea as seaglass; those broken pieces of glass that travel from faraway lands and crash up on the shoreline of beaches. You may have to wait until summer to discover sea glass on a sandy beach, but at times when seaglass is not readily available, you can purchase, color transparencies, in an art supply store. Like seaglass. these color transparencies help you to discover the power of color and its amazing affect on your mind.
RICH RED VIBRATIONS Remember the saying, ‘The red badge of color’? Well, red is a strong seaglass color that promotes courage and represents the life force of powerful energy itself. When you are feeling lackluster wear red to perk up your spirits and stimulate your mind. Red awakens our creativity and pulsates with emotional characteristics. The Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler, for example, attributed symbolic meaning to the colors in his paintings and associated red with passion. To re-energize your outlook gaze upon red seaglass to evoke more passion for living life to its fullest with boundless energy. If pink seaglass washes up on shore it will bring with it more love into your life.
ORANGE UPBEAT I always think of an orange creamscile on a stick with its juicy orange outer coat and soft creamy inside; it brings back the joy of remembering a carefree summer day. This color is the most emotionally warming and cheerful color on the spectrum. As you lull away a summer’s day look into orange colored sea glass and feel the happiness well up and your creativity surge. Orange governs happiness, confidence and resourcefulness. As you gaze into the depths of orange seaglass feel recharged as the self-assured; the enthusiastic and happy person you are, spreading cheer all around.
YELLOW BRIGHTENS ANY DAY To continue on a happy note and keep your mood sunny surround yourself with yellow; it is a creative color that provides you with increased awareness and curiosity. As you gaze into the sparking yellow seaglass absorb the vibrations of confidence and self-worth increase. For an extra dose of feel-good take yellow to heart and notice how yellow energy connects to your mental outlook. Some may say, “You have a sunny disposition,” and you know immediately that happy yellow brightens any day and anyone who comes into your yellow orbit feels the benefit of your optimism.
LOVABLE GREEN Green is the great connector to unconditional love and balances your whole being. Gazing at green seaglass therefore relaxes your muscles and gives you a feeling of renewal, harmony and peace. When people say, “She is green with envy,” that means he or she is envious of your serene persona that seems so much in tune with everything around you that brings with it vibrations of understanding, sympathy, compassion and love. The ancient Greeks revered green as the most fruitful of all hues, and the renewal of every spring’s verdant green display of hope, calm and in the green cast shadows trees silhouetted on a lake. Green is a color that also brings prosperity to the beholder.
BLUE, THE COLOR OF SPIRIT This is a mentally-relaxing color fused with serenity and calming vibrations. Just gazing at blue seaglass evokes more confidence, clarity and improves communication and speech. Blue is associated with the feel-good sky. Think of the refrain, “My Blue Heaven,” and find yourself pacified by the sea and the sky captured in the blue seaglass from foreign shores. The Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler attributed blue with spirituality and in blue seaglass we find the same spirit of holiness manifested in loyal and trustworthy characteristics.
CROWNING GLORY: VIOLET/PURPLE On a higher note of beauty, creativity and inspiration, gazing at violet/purple seaglass represents the union of your higher self with spirituality and brings with it guidance, wisdom and inner strength to fulfill your destiny by enhancing artistic talent, creativity and innovation. Indigo, a deep richer, almost midnight purple, often sweeps up on the shore from exotic lands. Just gaze at its deep color to strengthens intuition, imagination, psychic powers and ability to dream more vividly.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GRATITUDE and ATTITUDE (c) By Polly Guerin

On the aftermath of the hurricane, Sandy, there is no better time than the present to offer up expressions of gratitude. Even despite grave losses that so many have suffered there are still viable reasons why gratitude is such a healing benefit; for it reminds us how truly fortunate we are to still be here to acknowledge our gainful presence in the world. Our mind is so powerful it creates the reality in which we live in. The old adage said it all, ‘What we think is what we create.’ Dwelling on losses, disappointment and despair over world conditions fosters negativity and if we think negative thoughts, the Universe will always mirror this back to us.
HEALING TOOL OF THE MIND Gratitude, therefore, transcends our vibrations to a level where pain and suffering cannot exist. So being grateful and thanking the creator opens up a positive feeling in the physical body and fills the enlightened person with light. Therefore, stewards of the family or teachers who express gratitude and ‘thank you’ create love and positive feelings that affect everyone around them, especially children. When a person holds onto negative thoughts about themselves or others, they only fill their body with toxic feelings which can result in physical or emotional trauma.
PINK BUBBLE LOVE Whenever someone acts improperly and offends my friend Tony Carroll Terman says, “Put them in an imaginary pink bubble of love and send them on their way with positive thoughts of healing their negativity.” It seems to me that that is sound advice. In other words, let the slings and arrows of outrageous conduct never overtake you, just send people with those thoughts off to enlightenment in the pink bubble. When you choose to be positive and go forward with an attitude of gratitude, you create harmony and happy vibes in everyone you meet. Consider yourself an ambassador of love and positive thinking.
ENTERTAINING HURT Some people never seem to want to let it go. Conjuring up old hurts and disappointments keeps them rooted in negativity and their health can be affected, even their physical demeanor. They may not realize it, but when they are in a negative zone their life is in jeopardy of not meeting the right people or finding the right circumstances to co-exist. However, when anyone is positive they become a powerful communicator that spreads harmony with whomever you come in contact with.
FORGIVE AND FORGET That’s the golden rule for existing as a healthy and happy person. If a relative or someone isn’t interested in your friendship, despite your friendly calls, don’t fret, just know that it is out of your hands to make amends. Let them be, and instead you should cheerfully go on your way associating with people who really love you. The attitude of gratitude should be applied to every single thing in your world where positive energies move you forward to create a full and healthy lifestyle. Be thankful and say, “Thank you for my family for my friends, my environment and the food I eat and the bed I sleep in.” The list of ‘thank yous’ can get quite long extending through the place where you work and the people there, to social activities you engage in. Once you start the list you’ll find it amazing just how much you have to be grateful for. Best Advice: Get in the habit of gratitude and reap the benefit of contentment.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PETS KEEP US HEALTHY (c) By Polly Guerin

I am always amazed how people react to my little poodle dog, Colby. A smile instantly comes over their grime city face and they sometimes ask, “Can I pet him?” Well, these little furry angels dispense a whole wealth of canine therapy to make us feel happy and less stressed. However, people in different age groups benefit from pets in different ways. It’s a well known fact that therapy dogs and even cats are already dispensing love and comfort in hospitals and long term care facilities and nursing homes, not to mention being a great distraction from feeling ill. Studies verify these facts and have shown that having a pet has a positive impact on physical and emotional health.
THE FEEL-GOOD CURE It’s been recognized by the sage medical doctors and therapists that pets can improve your life by bringing unconditional love, not to mention providing a constant and comforting companion. No wonder there has been a surge in dog ownership. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to reap the benefits of animal communication, just own a pet of your own. However, if your lease has a ‘no pets’ policy you can still interact and get some puppy love at your local animal shelter. At the same time your volunteer time there will give some love back to needy animals waiting for adoption.
PET PRESCRIPTION So when you’re feeling blue, stressed out, and tied in knots take time out and just communicate with your pet. They welcome pets and it's amazing how they listen so intently. However, you need to consider just how much time you can spend with the animal. Although a pet, especially interacting with a dog, can help to relieve stress, if you do not have the time to devote to a pet, you can cause the animal great stress and anxiety, even excessive barking while you are away too long.
TRAVEL/VACATION ARRANGEMENTS If your work requires travel you also have to know what arrangements can be made to take care of the animal during the time you are away on business or during time away on vacation. Many dog groomer businesses also offer overnight and even weekly accommodation in their facilities, but this service is usually quite costly. If you are lucky enough to have a relative who will accommodate your pet in their home, while you are away, that would be a feel-safe advantage.
FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS While many people acquire their pet through a private breeder or a reliable pet store, there are also many dogs and cats in animal shelters with pedigree breeding. I highly recommend you investigate what kind of dog or cat is available there first or look up ‘rescue sites’ on the Internet for a specific breed you are interested in. There are also financial considerations like costs for pet food, grooming and veterinary care. These costs of pet maintenance can be expensive but I opt for reasonable clinics like the Humane Society of New York’s clinic on East 59th Street in New York City.

Since Scientific studies prove that petting your dog increases the level of pleasure hormones and lowers the stress hormone this may be the time to get one of these furry angels of your own.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Electronic devices---cellphones, IPhones and Blackberrys may be the source of modern communications but they are also the reason a lot of people are getting sick. Really? You ask. Can this be so? Yes, indeed, these modern tools of convenience also bring and harbor germs with them. According to a medical study bacteria from a phone can cause flu, pinkeye and even diarrhea. Germs are lurking everywhere and people need to be careful about sharing photos with strangers. Even members of a family sharing phones can transfer germs between one another. The proximity of a cellphone to your ears, nose and mouth are the perfect environment for germs to lurk undetected.

THE HEALTH RISK Once it was thought that all we needed to do was to wash our hands to safeguard our health, but most everyone is at risk today. Even though you may clean your computer, pens, keys and landline phones very little thought seems to go into cleaning cell phones, which attract bacteria in an unsuspecting but alarming rate. The cause can be attributed to the fact that these devices have become like extra appendages to one’s body. People take them everywhere---plugged into their ear on the street, to the health club, to the restaurant and even into public bathrooms. There the greedy little cell phones zap up bacteria in an alarming rate.

CLEAN IT NOW You don’t go anywhere without your electronics so keep it clean and remove dirt, grim, fingerprints or facial oils, and ladies ‘makeup,’ that may prevent your smart phone from working properly because of the germ buildup. It is important to ‘not’ use the usual household products to clean electronics, but to find a line of cleaners intended specifically for electronic devices. In any case to sanitize the product it is best to read the advice in the manufacturer’s manual. It usually cautions about using aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives, all of which may harm screens.


Monday, October 15, 2012


What is Tea Tree Oil? Good Question! It’s a wild bushy tree native to Australia, and  it is one of the most powerful elixirs of nature and one of its most active essential oils, The Aborigines knew about the properties of the tea tree long before European settlers had ever heard of it. It was Captain Cook who first mentions the tea tree and its healing properities in his journal during the 1770s, after the Aborigines showed him how to make tea from its leaves. Yet, when we go into the a health store today there is a plethora of products to purchase with tea tree property benefits.If you have never purchased any Tea Tree  perhaps  now is the time to consider the value of Tea Tree's antiseptic qualities, which also makes it an essential ingredient in aromatherapy medicine.
CLEANSING NATURALLY Tea Tree ranks high among natural products that produce proven results. It is valued for its stimulating and germicidal actions and refreshing camphor-like scent. Tea Tree's natural benefits stimulate the immune system by activating the white blood corpuscles to defend the body against infections. You can actually prevent germs spreading because Tea Tree is the only antiseptic that also acts to stimulate and tone our natural defenses against infection.
COLD SEASON COMING ON If there’s a cold going around your office or threatening the health of the entire family, begin before it starts to catch up with you and wash your hands in tea tree soap to eliminate germs. Washing your hands is obviously a good idea anytime your hands have been in contact with public places, like on a bus or subway car. Preventive precautions can help you to chase away cold and flu with a facial steam. Just add 10 drops of tea tree and 5 drops of eucalyptus and inhale deeply.
A MYRIAD USES Tea Tree seems to have many other unexpected benefits. If you want to acquire a blemish-free complexion a tea tree facial steam will also unblock pores and clear up infection. Antifungal tea tree is especially effective for clearing up infections such as athlete’s foot. You can even treat nail infections by massaging the affected nail with undiluted tea tree oil three times a day. Nothing greets the morning better than a refreshing mouthwash. Simply add 3 percent solution of tea tree to water. It also fights gum disease and clears up mouth ulcers.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


My friend Tony is a delight and every time I meet her it’s an uplifting experience. She possesses something that eludes many people, It’s the “The Happiness Factor,” Doesn’t it make you wonder, “How does she do it?” Well, with Tony it just seems to come naturally to her because she just doesn’t let negativity enter her brain and that is why she looks years younger and really, really enjoys life.
MOOD BUSTER As summer becomes a distant memory, hormone output plunges, triggering an uptick in pessimism. Don’t let it get you down relax at home and cozy up in something soft like pj’s or fuzzy socks. For the office, take along a sweater or soft jacket with the soothing comfort of lofty polyester warmth. Yale University researchers say snugly fabrics activate nerves in the skin and fire off feel-good messages.
HAPPINESS TIPS Even if you wake up and feel out of sorts, or work gets you down you can literally talk yourself into a happier mood. Put positive affirmation messages on heart-shaped Post-its around the house or on your computer screen, like “I Feel Pretty,” “Life is Marvelous,” and even “I love my Work.” Okay that last one is a bit extreme, but you get the point. Better yet change your password to happier messages, like “Hello Awesome.” Experts say that to feel better you need to focus on the positive and by taking an optimistic attitude each day it promotes the promise of happy vibes.
SELF ANALYSIS Never allow yourself to wallow in self-pity or to dwell unnecessarily on disappointments, delays, broken promises. When you’re caught in traffic jam or your computer crashes why fume and stress yourself out of your comfort zone. Take a deep breath and engage yourself in some self-compassion to soften the blow and know that in time it will all be resolved and that momentarily there is nothing you can do about it anyway. However, you can change how you address the problem by training your brain to focus on the posit
 FAN MAIL REMINDERS If you ever doubt about just how wonderful you are pull out those birthday cards and reread all the sentimental prose that praised you and made you feel special. Save your fan mail in a separate folder and when the slightest hint of negativity looms re-read how much you have touched the lives of other people by your compassion or help. Better yet, make a list of all the positive things that happened in just one day. Read the list out loud and repeat each item over again and be amazed about how much good has come into your life.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Remember how uplifting you felt when you listened to a symphony program in a concert hall? Do you remember how you were transported away into the land of your imagination, free of the cares of the day and spirited on with sound stimulation into unknown realms of peaceful contemplation and happiness? That is what music does; it’s a transformational process, a modern sound healing technique that has been given the modern name of Solfeggio, which in musical terms represents the tones of a melody.
VIBRATIONAL ENERGY Although science does not recognize Solfeggio as a healing tool, traditional healers and modern String Theory recognize that every living body carries vibrational energy. That is why we feel so rejuvenated after listening to a music performance. Its restorative energy vibrations influence the physical body to heal itself,  induce relaxation, soothe frayed nerves and restore equilibrium.
ANCIENT SOFEGGIO Even in the Temple Beautiful in Egypt ancient Soffeggio used music and chanting to balance, curtail illness and balance the physical body. Vibrational energy, the tones of the musical scale each have their own specific relationship to the Chakras and the meridians and sound healers today frequently use ‘new age’ music to enhance health and wellness.
SOUND HEALING TODAY While informed individuals continue to seek alternative methods to heal, the growth of energy healers has expanded with solutions to de-stress, detoxify and bring the individual into total well being. For best results, seek out a qualified sound healer. There are CDs on the market now that address different issues like consciousness expansion, awakening intuition, relationship harmonization and meditation. Even in rehabilitation centers music has been the tool that awakens seniors who have been silent for years.
RESEARCH HITS A HIGH NOTE Now an MIT team has created music software to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. Users compose songs and then play a Concentration-like game that involves recalling excerpts of melody pairs and other memory tasks. You can track your own results and watch for signs of more serious cognitive decline. “If Alzheimer’s can be detected early, medication and mental exercises have a better chance of stabilizing memory loss or at least slowing down the progressions,” says one of the software’s creators, Adam Boulanger, Ph.D. Although the software is in clinical trials, researchers hope to release a commercial version to the public within a year.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When is the last time that you ordered ‘coddled eggs’ at your favorite diner? Imagine the surprise on the face of the waiter who, unless he was British, would think you daft. Well, I never heard of coddled eggs before so being the type of person who likes to be coddled, “pampered and handled with care,” so says the dictionary, I looked into this fascinating culinary art, which incidentally goes way, way back to the 1800s and remains popular in Great Britain. Great chefs’ use coddled eggs to make sweet custard, but they are also used in a traditional Caesar salad dressing recipe.
DEMYSTIFYING CODDLED EGGS At this point you may justifiable ask, “Just what is this coddled fancy anyway?” Well, a coddled egg is somewhat similar to a poached egg but there is quite a difference in the preparation. If you’re a good poacher then you know that all you need to do is to crack open the egg and place it into water just below the boiling point. However, a single degree too high in hot water, eggsperts say, is all it takes to upset the delicate balance of texture, appearance and flavor. A coddled egg, on the other hand, should be immersed slowing in its shell in near boiling water. Carefully watch over this little treasure and let it stand for 5 minutes, then take it out, crack the shell and consume.
A HEALTH SEER’S ADVISORY In over 140 readings Edgar Cayce advised individuals to make coddled eggs a part of their diet as the perfect solution for benefiting from the egg’s considerable nutritional potential. Because coddled eggs are not boiled, some people may be concerned of the risk of salmonella and other bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to use only very, very fresh eggs. The way an egg is cooked, as well as an individual’s physical condition, may determine whether the egg should be eaten whole or only the yoke. In one reading Cayce recommended eating, “Coddled egg and only the yoke of same, not the white---for this carries too much of those properties that are hard for digestion, or too much albumin that is producing an irritation in the adrenal gland secretion and the glands in the pelvis area. (844-1)
EGG CODDLER COLLECTIONS Quite recently I visited a charming lady who had a fascinating collection of little porcelain pots with metal lids, which at first I thought held some cosmetic secret or might be used for a chocolate, pot de crème. So wrong was I to discover that those little pots with painted flowers or other whimsical designs were "Egg Coddlers." Coddlers have been manufactured by Royal Worcester in Worcester, UK, since at least the 1890s, and were probably invented there. Many companies now make egg coddlers, and some are highly sought after collector’s items.
EGG CODDLER HOSPITALITY And so the aforementioned lady promptly made a coddled egg for me. She buttered the sides and bottom of a pretty egg coddler and gently broke an egg into it and seasoned it on top, then gently screwed on the little lid and lowered the egg coddler into a pot of near boiling water. “Make sure that the water level only reaches halfway up the porcelain body of the coddler,” she advised, “and the egg coddler should not be totally submerged in the water. There it should rest for about 5-6 or 7-8 minutes, depending on the size of the egg.” She then lifted the egg coddler from the pot, gently twisted the lid and served it to me at the table. Delicious!!! Especially when she sprinkled on some salmon flakes and a bit of parsley.


Saturday, July 21, 2012


It’s amazing how much dry skin you’re carrying around on your body. Some dry skin makes us feel itchy; some of it stifles the skin’s excretion process of toxins and may even contribute to premature wrinkles on the body. Dry skin brushing is probably something you have never heard off, and neither did I until I read about this ancient health routine that has more benefits than a shower or bath each day. Dry skin brushing of the entire body sets in motion natural healing by stimulating nerve beds, which increases the normal healing processes throughout the entire body. Most significantly dry skin brushing helps to detoxify the body.  STAGNANT LIFESTYLES This technique should be especially of interest to individuals who spend most of their workday stagnant in a chair and glued to the computer screen, and toxins set in as well as a pain in the neck, shoulder or back. As for the fashionistas reading this health report there may be some additional benefit because dry skin brushing may help in the breakdown of cellulite. The overall benefit of dry skin brushing is that circulation improves, your skin becomes softer and glowing and you will feel refreshed and invigorated. 
DRY SKIN BRUSHING PROCESS Okay, I think I’ve got you interested. All you need is a natural bristle brush, with a long handle. The process is painless and there is no cost involved except a fraction of your time. Now you are ready to get started. Stand in the tub prior to taking a shower or sit on a tub chair prior to bathing. Take the natural bristle brush and begin brushing your skin. Begin the process at the bottom of your feet sweeping upwards onto the legs, move to the torso and hips again in an upward direction with a focus towards the heart so that toxins can be released. Turn the brush onto the hands and sweep upwards towards the shoulders. The long handled dry brush will help you reach your backside so start at the feet again and begin the process, and when you have finished bath or shower. No, do not use a long handled natural brush on your face. Purchase a softer natural brush for your delicate complexion.
THE BENEFITS OF DRY SKIN BRUSHING Don’t expect results immediately. Dry skin brushing should become a daily routine for lymphatic cleansing that will return your skin to a healthy glow and you’ll look and feel younger and healthier. Yes, there are products at retail that tout some of the same benefits, but why purchase one when all you need is a natural dry bristle long handled brush and your time to feel and look great! When the body rids itself of toxins, you are able to perform efficiently. Dry skin brushing helps to shed dead skin cells. It can help to improve skin texture and cell renewal. It helps to tighten the skin because it increases the flow of blood and it eliminates clogged pores.
THE ANCIENT CURE Remember how wonderful your skin felt after a day rolling in the sand at the beach or dipping into the sandy salt water? That is natural skin brushing without much effort but pleasure. Some native American Indians were ahead of the concept and scrubbed their skin with sand from river bottoms. Skin brushing is an ancient remedy. The Scandinavians had been using loofah sponges as do the Japanese as a prelude to a hot sauna or hot bath. Greek athletes used skin scrapers to clean the skin and encourage circulation. So take a cue from the ancients and start brushing your body today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


To soap or not to soap? That is the question many women ask and have often sought an answer to from the great man himself, Edgar Cayce. With all the readings Cayce was giving you would not think that he would have time to even consider this question, but ‘surprise,’ he did. It’s amazing to realize that an ordinary bar of soap like Black and White, Cuticura, Palma Christi, Olivae and a whole host of organic bars could have so many benefits for maintaining one’s complexion and treat common skin problems. While extensive expense has been doled out by women to remove the grime/makeup from their faces and to cleanse their bodies, sometimes it’s just a simple bar of soap that can achieve a healthy, youthful glow and help to counteract even facial flaws. Referring to pure products Cayce’s reading noted, “These preparations are preferable to most of the compounds that carry leads or poisonous conditions for the skin.” (2154-1) BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP Even Edgar Cayce acknowledged that “Beauty is only skin deep,” saying “Don’t depend upon cosmetics to clear or purify the skin. The cosmetics should be rather as an aid to keeping the superficial circulation in portions of face and hands in bettered conditions.” (5271-1) Cayce further stated that a healthy, radiant epidermis depends not on external applications alone and cannot be achieved without proper diet and nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude over mind, body and spiritual outlook because genuine beauty comes from within, rather than an external condition. ONE SOAP TO LIVE BY While many women rely on some expensive commercial products to maintain their complexion’s flawless look or to camouflage skin flaws several soap brands have been mentioned in the Cayce Readings that perform far more reasonably. How about $6 a bar? Now that’s a bargain for beauty yet no fancy name is associated with genuine Black and White soap so you will not find it in a fancy cosmetic department. However, according to Cayce genuine Black & Whit e soap is an excellent cleansing soap for skin care and bathing. It has been recommended for skin problems such as acne, pimples, blackheads, eczema, itching burning and stinging skin. In a reading Cayce said, “These will keep the irritations from making the openings, or large pores.” (3081-1) INTRODUCED IN THE 1930s Genuine Black & White products have been around since the 1930s with staying power over 80 years. That’s endorsement enough for me to seek further information. Cayce also recommended Black and White cosmetics, which include cold cream, cleansing cream, skin whitener, vanishing cream, and ointment. Another reading stated, these are “the better products for the protection or care of skin, complexion.” (275-31) For anyone over 50 the good news is that Black and White preparations help to firm the muscles in the face and neck and prevent the looseness throughout the body. TRIED AND TRUE STANDBYS I remember Cuticura soap, it was in regular use in my mother’s cabinet for its deep cleansing and anti-bacterial ingredients that condition skin with practical treatment for skin abrasions, eczema, large pores. It was among the first soaps commercially introduced in 1865 and is still sold today as an antibacterial medicated soap that cleans and controls oil and germs that can cause blemishes. Then there is the Palma Christi soap, a natural cleansing bar custom formulated with softening, moisturizing properties of Castor oil, Almond oil, Lanolin, aloe Vera and Cocoa butter for allover cleansing. French Milled, Castile soap is another household favorite. It is an olive-oil based soap was first manufactured in Castile, Spain, hence it’s name. Olive oil has a long history. It has been a part of beautification rituals since ancient Egypt and Italian women have known of its benefits for centuries. A French milled version called, Olivae, has been specifically formulated with cocoa butter, olive oil, sweet almond oil, Aloe Vera and Lanolin to moisturize as it cleans. The use of any particular soap, however, remains an individual choice. One woman’s favorite standby may not be another woman’s or man’s solution. What is useful in maintaining a glowing complexion, moisturizing or combating skin flaws for one person may not be as effective for another person’s skin.
Products mentioned here can be purchased at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) of New York Inc, 241 W. 30th Street, New York, NY 10001, email or visit BAAR, the official supplier of Edgar Cayce Health Care Products can be reached at 1.877.999.2502. Visit their ‘easy-to-shop’ Web Site: