Thursday, January 28, 2010


Awaken Your Sleeping Beauty: Edgar Cayce as told by Polly Guerin

Susceptibility to colds is almost universal, widespread and contagious, especially in places where groups of people congregate; in schools, on public transportation, movie houses, theaters and social events. Colds are as common as common can get because they do not discriminate and can infect everyone in their path. They are definitely communicable and transmitted in numerous ways. In confined places the germs could be floating in the air or they could be spread by direct or indirect contact. No wonder, people have condoned the mantra “wash your hands frequently” or they sanitize their hands with anti-bacterial liquid preparations or anti-bacterial moist hand wipes. No one wants to get bogged down with a full-fledged or even a minor cold in the first place and seeks answers as to how to steer clear of the invasive germs. In readings the great physic Edgar Cayce advised, “The best way to cope with the common cold is to avoid catching it in the first place.” Don’t you wish it could be that easy, but Cayce had further thoughts on the subject.
Measures can be taken to ward off the infection even before it begins. Obviously a well-balanced diet is essential, sufficient rest a must and proper attire both indoors and out all help to keep the body’s resistance high. Proper ventilation in home or office with sufficient humidity in the air helps to keep the mucous membranes in a healthy condition. If a humidifier is not handy, adequate moisture can be maintained by keeping a pan of water on a radiator. Obviously, one should avoid contact with anyone who has a cold. The minute a child or person’s starts sneezing it is best to remove yourself from their vicinity. Obviously that is not so easy within a family and it is therefore it so often happens that the common cold is spread to parents and children alike.
Cayce took the diagnosis further saying, “A body is more susceptible to cold with an excess of acidity or alkalinity, but more susceptible in case of excess acidity. For an alkalizing effect is destructive to the cold germ.” (902-1) In addition to the pressures put upon us by our computer driven society fatigue, worry, stress and strain, other emotional upsets and inadequate nutrition contribute to the acid condition that invites attack from cold germs and other infections. Cayce said, “There is no mystery or magic about getting rid of a cold once it has been contracted. All therapy aims at alkalizing the body in one way or another and relieving the symptoms of discomfort brought on by the infection.”
When the first indication of a cold blooming comes on pushing yourself to go to work or to go out of your home will only exacerbate the cold condition further. The best way to fight a cold is to immediately go to bed and rest, because during rest and sleep, balance is restored to the autonomic nervous system. Cayce had this to say, “Stop eating for two days and drink as much liquid as possible, up to one gallon a day. This should be largely citrus fruits that are freshly squeezed with the addition of lemon or orange or grapefruit juice.” Folk medicine remedies also suggest including drinking great quantities ginger tea or fenugreek tea, which can be purchased in a health food store. Another good alkalizer, recommended by Cayce, is one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, slipped slowly every hour. He also added that it is also important to clear out the system with an enema or colonic. Percussion massage is also very useful in breaking up a cold and can be performed by a massage therapist of a member of one’s family. An aspirin tablet or salt dissolved in hot water is beneficial for gargling to soothe a sore throat. Obviously, anyone who has a consistent history of recurring colds with accompanying complications should consult a physician.
In the good old days before the wide selection of commercial remedies were available, most people had to rely on a good old fashioned home remedy to rid themselves of a cold. Patience and preparation is all you need to take the holistic route to cure the common cold. Edgar Cayce was a great exponent of the natural school of healing and recommended the following Cough Mixture 1, “For any flu or cold, this would be well as an expectorant as an eliminant, and to cause the clearing of hoarseness—made in this way and manner: Take an egg that has not been in the refrigerator or cold storage. Then to this white of egg, add: Juice of one lemon, dropped very slowly into same. About a teaspoon of honey, dropped slowly into same also. About three drops—one at time—of Glycerine. Beat thoroughly together. Of course, it would be worked in together when the Glycerine is added. Take a teaspoonful every two or three hours. We will find that this will clear a cold, relieve stress through the throat and nasal passages, bronchi and larynx, and most helpful for this body.” (845-3) Well, there you are a remedy right in your kitchen. Obviously home remedies should be considered immediately with the onset of a cold, don’t wait until it blows up into a full-fledged infection.
You have an excuse to relinquish yourself to a day or two off the daily routine and the best time to pamper yourself is when you have a cold. Get under the covers, you’ll get drowsy in time and sleep will overtake you and contribute to curing the cold. When sleep does not come readily, then indulge yourself and listen to some soothing music, light an aromatic candle and daydream. Keep the humidifier going and take your homemade medicine like a good patient. It’s time to stop and just taste the sweetness of life and the restorative powers of positive thinking knowing that soon you will be well!

Saturday, January 23, 2010



By Polly Guerin

When it comes to gaiety and laughter, I often think of the hilarious aria, “Glitter and Be Gay” from the 1950s operetta “Candide” based on Voltaire’s brilliant satire of human folly written in 1759. With music by Leonard Bernstein, Lyrics by Richard Wilbur much of Candide’s verve springs from its joyous parodies. The aria takes its inspiration from Charles Fran├žois Gounod’s “Jewel Song” from opera Faust which he composed in 1858. In Candide the singer takes great delight in the treasures in her jewelry chest laughing all through the aria as she brings forth her sparkling gems. There’s a lot of Ha Has in this aria especially at the end when the Ha Has builds up to an amazing crescendo and the singer breaks into soaring high notes of laughter. Although the average person, could not easy to duplicate the singer’s virtuosity, but just listening to the aria in itself is quite amusing and makes one want to get into the high jinks of this humorous display of frivolity. Why would this be good for you? Well, medical studies show that laughter boosts levels of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, and suppresses levels, of epinephrine, the stress hormone. Just as humor is an important ingredient for good health so is a positive attitude of optimism, and when these elements are combined it benefits the mind, body and spiritual outlook on life.
It was such a joy to hear young girl’s giggling on a bus recently. Their happy voices really made the day so cheerful. Watching funny movies can also help to dispel the darkness of our concerns. Yet in today’s economic climate a sense of humor seems to be hard to come by. Instead of dour attitude take up another song’s advice, “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.” In other words, stop worrying so much and instead become a glad tider greeting each day with optimism and joy. No, I am not suggesting you become a Pollyanna, and see everything with rose tinted glasses like the heroine in the novel by the same name (1913) by Eleanor Porter. Pollyanna was a personality characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything, indeed a most unrealistic approach. However, your happy attitude can be infectious and influence family, friends and everyone around you to “Lighten Up,” and look on the brighter and positive side of life’s dilemmas and emergencies, which eventually confront us as they invariably do.
It’s hard to belief that America’s celebrated prophet, Edgar Cayce, had quite a lot to say about humor and in some of his readings he advised, “Cultivate the ability to see the ridiculous and retain the ability to laugh. For know only in those God hath favored is there the ability to laugh, even when clouds of doubt arise, or when every form of disturbance arises. For remember the master smiled, and laughed oft, even on the way to Gethsemane.” (277-1) Cayce did not have an exactly easy time of it during his early years when he was establishing himself as a psychic. There were many hardships to bear in regard to income and his family’s living accommodations, which were from the start not always the best. Yes, despite the modest circumstances of those early years Cayce pressed on with his psychic work and had time to advise people on humor. He said, “Remember that a good laugh, an arousing even to what might be called hilariousness, is good for the body physically, mentally, and gives the opportunity for greater mental and spiritual awakening.”
Obviously, Cayce agreed with Laugh Practitioners that laughter is good medicine. These modern day laugh practitioners have made a business out of laughter. They hold sessions to engage groups of people to laugh their hearts out. The group starts out with a simple Ha Ha and keeps building up with heartier Ha Has till everyone is kneeled over laughing. Stress rolls away, the body feels lighter, the smiles on the faces of the participants reveal their joyful surrender that releases cares and tension by learning how to laugh heartily. This is an excellent therapy and I understand that the sessions are not usually expensive. Most importantly humor also relieves emotional distress and assists in changing negative thinking. No wonder some enlightened holistic and senior centers have incorporated laugh sessions into their extra-curricular activities. Case in point, when Norman Cousins, an author, editor, professor and promoter of holistic healing was suffering from a life-threatening issue disease he turned to laughter medicine. He knew he didn’t have a good chance of getting better in a hospital, so he checked himself out of the hospital and into a hotel room, where he watched Marx Brothers movies all day. He attests to that fact that laughing at the silly antics in the movies helped him recover from the disease. He contends that laughter is an antidote to apprehension and panic. Author Toni Carroll Terman, laugh lecturer and author of the book, “Laugh Your Fat Off,” written in collaboration with her husband Dr. Philip Terman, is an outstanding proponent of laugh therapy. She cites many ways to laugh those pounds of your body and to boost mind, body and spiritual renewal. You can purchase her book on Amazon.
I adore comedians who can magically take us to another place where we can laugh at their well intentioned jokes. It’s such a relief to let go and laugh our worries away. However, when a comedian or anyone for that matter makes a joke out of someone’s misfortune or by the joke’s content reflects upon an individual’s shortcomings or simply makes fun of them--this treatment is not in good taste or acceptable. Edgar Cayce recommended, “One should cultivate more the humorous side of life. Not that which is at the expense of another; that is, never laugh at anyone but laugh with others often.” (2327-1) Okay there are times that we need to grieve but life must go on. I remember a mother who fell into such a deep depression over her soldier son’s death that she totally began to ignore her other children. A good neighbor urged her to pull herself together, and repeated the phrase “Your children need you,” over and over again. When this mother heard the laugher of her other children she was roused from her grief and could focus on their need. To help pull her out of this depression, unbeknownst to the mother, the neighbor took her to a comedy club to listen a comedian, who was a friend and had been alerted about the mother’s sorrow. He adjusted his routine to accommodate her need and the evening’s entertainment lightened her heavy heart. Late night new broadcasts with the gloomy news were eliminated and instead the woman listened to classical music before falling asleep.
Edgar Cayce steps up to the plate with yet another bit of advice. He cautions, “At times the entity sees so well the humor in so many situations as to appear to see the ridiculous rather than that which is the creative force in humor. Do not lose this sense of humor. It will oft be a means for saving an unseemly situation.” (2421-2) Cayce further said, “If you lose the ability to laugh, ye lose that ability to be joyous.” (3003-1) What better way to approach each day than with the intention to lighten up and open to the joy of living with full of optimism. Like a child with a sense of wonder shall we not laugh with abandon? ‘Tis such an infectious thing to do and an easy mantra to incorporate into your daily routine. As Cayce said, “Be optimistic! At least make three people each day laugh heartily by something you say.”

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


By Polly Guerin

Nothing makes our appearance more youthful looking than bright, clear, sparkling eyes, the picture of health and happiness. Edgar Cayce alludes to eyes as being the “windows of the soul,” for this is a truth that plays out every day in eye contact with another individual. We can read a lot into the personality of a person just by looking into their eyes. A lackluster eye is a telltale sign of sadness within or poor health, while brighter eyes like the song “sparkle and be gay” indicate an outgoing happy, healthy person. Mother Nature has done her part to protect our eyes by providing eyelashes and eyebrows designed to catch miniscule objects and particles of dirt from falling into our eyes. Of course, many of us lament the fact that our eyelashes are not as long as we would wish, but don’t count on commercial products alone that promise longer lashes or expensive products that address problems of puffiness, crow’s feet or dark circles. Cayce had a number of natural recommendations to bring out the full beauty of your eyes.
Cayce’s take on good nutrition to maintain healthy eyes is a simple formula that anyone can follow with a well-balanced diet. He especially recommended, “Take plenty of carrots, yams, green peas and green beans, onions, beets.” These were recommended to be taken each day. They “have a direct bearing upon the application of that assimilated for the optic forces. (3552-1) To this he advised that you add to the diet about twice as many oranges, lemons and limes as is part of the diet in the present. These also supplement with a great deal of carrots especially as combined with gelatin, if we would aid and strengthen the optic nerves and the tensions between sympathetic and cerebrospinal systems. (5401-1). It is interesting to note that in Japan, the appearance of a dish is as important as the taste. They believe in the tradition of “go sheik,” meaning five colors. Each meal therefore might include red (carrots), green (peas or beans), white (onion), orange (yams) and dark maroon (beets) to make the presentation more appealing and nutritious.
With so many of us logged into our computers all day the condition of our eyes can be a concern because as we age so does the condition of the eyes. Maintaining perfect vision is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. Just as many of us jog each day to maintain our body strength so must the eyes be exercised each day and Edgar Cayce had a very easy-to-do, simple exercise which you can do sitting at your computer and even performed elsewhere at other times during the day. To the question, “how can I improve my vision?” Cayce said, “When we remove the pressures of the toxic forces we will improve the vision. Also the head and neck exercise will be most helpful. Take this regularly, not taking it sometimes and leaving off sometimes, but each morning and each evening take this exercise regularly for six months and we will see a great deal of difference. Sitting erect, bend the head forward three times, to the back three times, to the right side three times, to the left side three times, and then circle the head each way three times.” He further advises, “Don’t hurry through with it, but take the time to do it. We will get results.” (3549-1) To this exercise I also like to perform an eyeball exercise, which can be done anywhere like when you’re on a bus or waiting for a lecture to begin. Just roll your eye inside your closed or open eyelids, whichever you prefer. Simply roll your eyes, very slowly, to the right and circle them until you come back to the front. Do this several times then repeat in the other direction.
Our eyes are particularly sensitive to aging so we want to preserve our eyesight and avoid the need to wear reading glasses. Of course, it is always wise to consult your eye doctor, but you could try Cayce’s simple remedy. To the question, “How may my eyes be strengthened so as to eliminate the necessity of reading glasses? He replied, “By the head and neck exercise in the open, as ye walk for twenty to thirty minutes each morning.” He cautions, “Now do not undertake it one morning and then say, ‘It rained and I couldn’t get out,’ or ‘I’ve got to go somewhere else,’ and think there aren’t those despot conditions that rebel at not have their morning walk!” (2533-6)
There’s nothing attractive about puffiness about the eyes or bloodshot eyes from eyestrain, which clouds your natural beauty. Yes, there are many commercial products that address these concerns but instead of using costly treatments that temporarily reduce the conditions you can achieve the same results the natural way. Reducing puffiness and eyestrain can be achieved by lying back on the bed and placing an ice pack or cool tea bags over each eyelid and remaining thus for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. These homemade alternatives are cost effective in your beauty budget and act like the over-the-counter products. The cooling sensation encourages the blood vessels to shrink and in turn reduces puffiness. A word of caution. Be careful, do not extend facial moisturizes to the under the eye area, because some moisturizers can actually make the eyes even puffier and more swollen. One friend of mine developed a rash of tiny pinheads on the skin around the entire eye area and was told by the doctor to leave off putting any kind of moisturizer near the eye area and to bath the outer it with warm water. In just a few weeks the condition corrected itself. On the relief of eye strain Cayce recommended, “Bathe these with a weak Glyco-Thymoline solution. Use an eye cup, and two parts of distilled water (preferably) to one part of the Glyco-Thymoline. This irritation is a part of the kidney disturbance that has come from upsetting the digestive forces. (3050-2)
It goes without harping on the subject but no part of the body is more vulnerable to sun damage than the eyes. Why? Because the collagen and elastin under the eyes are most vulnerable and affected by the sun’s damaging rays. A strong sunscreen that is designed for eye use will probably offer more protection than a commercial moisturizer. Always read the contents of a product you purchase to ascertain its level of protection. And, of course, the golden rule is to wear sun glasses to protect your eyes, and if you usually wear long distance glasses have the lenses changed to accommodate your prescription. Alas, there is a lot of talk about crow’s feet and wrinkles, but they are not so much a sign of skin aging but of usage. Every time we open and shut our eyes, widen them in surprise or squint or close them tightly they’ve done a lifetime of work and the area is stretched and pulled. While these telltale signs of wear and tear cannot be entirely erased their appearance certainly can be softened by doing the head and neck exercises. In addition, the application of cosmetic concealing products will also diminish their appearance.
The desire for beautiful eyes is everyone’s prerogative. However, a word of caution. Commercial treatments in the eye area must be done very carefully. Always read the instructions before making an application and when in doubt consult your eye doctor. Don’t expect miracles. Not much can be done to really check the advance of wrinkles; it’s just part of life. Most importantly, remember never to do anything that would in any way harm your vision.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tuesday January 5, 2010

by Polly Guerin

It is rather distracting to look at a person and see that they evidently have become victim to the myth that pearly chalk-like teeth are the key to a youthful appearance. Such obvious whiteness is not natural. Instead teeth should blend with your skin tone. I remember an anchor woman on one of the popular television channels whose teeth were so startling white that it was difficult to look at her or concentrate on what she was saying. Not too long after several viewings she was taken off the air. Perhaps it was the shock effect of her unnaturally white teeth that caused the distraction. Who knows? But if whiter teeth are your goal always seek the advice of a reputable dentist.
We’ve all been advised by our dentist to brush and floss our teeth in the morning and before retiring. However, instead of concentrating on the surface of the teeth in order to control the growth of plaque which causes gum disease, choose a soft toothbrush that will brush both the teeth and the gums at the same time. The wide selection of plaque-fighting and anti-cavity toothpastes and mouthwash products will further aide your health regime. Dentists’ recommend that you have your teeth cleaned and examined at least every six months and at that time the best treatment to fight plague buildup will be discussed. Severe cases can result in periodontal disease, but treatments are readily available to save your teeth. When Edgar Cayce, the father of modern holistic medicine, who produced a tremendous legacy of health information all based on natural ingredients was asked, “What is the best procedure for care of teeth?” His answer was quite simple, “Have local attention and then take care of the teeth. Use an equal combination of sale and soda for massaging the gums and teeth. Don’t use a brush (for massaging). Use your finger. (3484-1).
It can be a lifelong struggle to keep your teeth healthy, but without your teeth what is the solution? Dentures? Cayce had some original ideas about teeth. A concerned person inquired, “What can I do to keep my teeth for life? Quite emphatically Cayce replied, “You won’t! For already these have begun to need local attention. If there is kept a proper balance in the vitamins, it will help---but these precautions should begin---well, during the period of gestation is when they should begin, but for a body should begin in the first or second year.” (3436-1) Alas it is obvious that maintaining good health must begin in early childhood abetted by good nutrition with the increased ingestion of calcium-rich foods, particularly vegetables and seeds. Further explaining Cayce was presented with another question. “How to prevent tooth decay. (which I have had an awful lot of the past three years)?” Cayce recommended, “Have them attended to, and add to the system occasionally Atomidine as a manner of gaining better control of the activity of the glands which formulate the circulation through teeth and structural portion of the body. One drop 5 days at a time, and then skip 2 weeks. Then again do this for a whole year, you’ll have your teeth in very good fix if local attention is given to the rests. (5313-4) (Atomidine is available at the Edgar Cayce New York Center TOOTHACHES BE GONE
Woe to anyone who has a toothache. Though there are commercial products to address this painful issue the following remedy is of interest. Drawn from the work of Edgar Cayce the information that he was provided in one of his trances included a formula and the name for a preparation called Ipsab, which was recommended by Cayce for toothaches, gum problems, bleeding gums and canker sores. If you are adventurous and a purest you could try making Ipsab yourself. The principal ingredient is Prickly Ash Bark, which the Indians called “toothache bark” and to which Cayce referred in the same manner. In one reading he gave this formula: To 6 ounces of distilled water, add two ounces of Prickly Ash Bark. Reduce by simmering (not boiling) to 2 ounces. Strain and add powdered common salt until we have a very thin past. Rinse or rub gums with this once every 2 days until this trouble in the mouth and gums has subsided. (4436-2) For those of us who cannot readily find Prickly Ash Bark, the product Ipsab is available through health store retail outlets and, of course, at the Edgar Cayce New York Center.
I recently met a young woman who seemed to glow. Her subtle smile illuminated her face and I wondered how she managed to keep up such a pleasant appearance. As Cayce said, “It’s the mind.” Yes, indeed a beautiful smile comes from deep within our thoughts but an unattractive set of teeth or gums can dull the impression of a beautiful smile. So a few words to the wise, always consult with your dentist, but know that there are dental treatments to maintain healthy teeth and keep you smiling throughout your life.