Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cough, The Coughing Health Hazard (c) By Polly Guerin

This is the season when coughing and even minor coughs can make the holidays not so pleasant to look forward to. At first one resorts to taking commercial cough drops, which are largely herbal and some contain honey. Although cough drops provide some relief, that’s only suitable for common, uncomplicated coughs. When the cough takes on a life its own and over-the-counter prescriptions fail to tame more persistent coughs, after one week it is time to take steps to curtail further development of a more serious condition. At this point of advanced coughing a visit to the doctor may be the solution to obtain a more potent remedy. Or you could consider the holistic approach and chose one of Edgar Cayce’s remedies which he prescribed in one of his readings for a cough that was hanging on.
At this time of the year missed time at work and school , or taking to one’s bed during the holidays does not make for a happy outlook. Since prevention is the key consider this: throughout the Cayce readings several formulas were given for cough syrup. Simply called Cough Mixture 2, this formula was recommended as a cough medicine and for healing through the whole system. Prepare as follows: Put 2 ounces of strained pure honey in 2 ounces of water and let this come to a boil. Skim off the refuse, then add 1 ounce of Grain Alcohol. To this add the following in the order as follows: Syrup of Cherry Bark-1 ounce, Syrup of Horehound-1/2 ounce, Syrup of Rhubarb-1/2 ounce and Elixir of Wild Ginger-1/2 ounce. Shake well before the dose is taken, which would be about a teaspoonful taken as every hour. It will allay the cough, heal those disturbing forces through the bronchi and larynx, and make for better conditions through the eliminations. (243-29)
The great advantage of this formula is that it does not produce side effects and may be taken as often as once every hour until relief is obtained. So you may rightfully ask, “Where am I going to find these ingredients? No you will not have to go out and remove the bark from the north side of a wild cherry tree to produce the formula or scrounge around for the other ingredients. The holistic product is called Respicol which is available at the A.R.E. Edgar Cayce New York Center’s store at 246 W. 30th St. or call 212.691.7690. Cayce products are also available at or 800-269-2502.
When an adult male has a cough you may more easily entice him with holistic cough medicine that contains rye whiskey. Simply called Cough Mixture 3 this Cayce formula is an aid for cough and cold, and for assistance in expectoration. It should be taken three to four times a day, or at night when there is the tendency for spasms of coughing. The Cayce formula is as follows. Dissolve 1 ounce of Rock Candy, as a syrup, in a pint of good rye whiskey and add the Syrup of Horebound-1/2 ounce, Glycerine-10 drops, and Elixir of Lactated Pepsin-10 drops. Shake this well together before the dose is taken. (303-25) this remedy may also appeal to women who can tolerate the whiskey.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Do you ever think about your self- worth? If what you are all about in life is merely based on your job status you’re heading in the wrong direction because a superficial attitude can affect your health, depression being one of those symptoms. When people get depressed more often than not it is based on loss of work. It’s easy to succumb and tally up yourself worth in the negative when all along you forgot about your self-worth. Joel Osteen, the popular TV minister, recently addressed the issue of self-worth stating that medical research has evaluated the human body and all of its amazing intricate parts and function as worth six million dollars.
Osteen further attested that starting at this realization you perhaps never estimated your self-worth at such a high level. You’re actually wealthy, a unique 6 Million Dollar Man or Woman, which right off ought to push you up on the emotional scale of inner strength and self reliance. Now doesn’t that make you feel elated? You’re extremely valuable and can hold your head up high with confidence and dignity despite job loss concerns.
At a time when the job market is flooded with applicants it’s a wise decision to make a compromise. When a friend of mine lost her high figure job she held out for a position with equal remuneration, and refused to accept a position at lower pay. “Take it,” I said, but she did not heed my words and warning that she should not pass up this opportunity. However, by the time she realized her mistake, like Lily Bart in Edith Wharton’s book, The House of Mirth, when my friend and Lily finally decided to compromise the offers had ceased.
It’s always better to be employed in the work force than to be out of it, and although unemployment insurance will tide you over this period in your life, what are you going to do with the time on your hands? In order to keep your skills polished and at top form now may be the time to fill up the vacant hours and volunteer in an organization where your expertise will not only contribute, but be noticed. Sometimes a volunteer job can turn into a permanent position. Volunteering will keep your skills polished and help to build your self esteem and boost your confidence. Giving back to community by contributing your time and skills adds a bonus to your 6 million dollar worth.
When the job interviewer asks, “What have you been doing in the interim?” You’re volunteer work skills will provide a positive plus for you. Once you’re gainfully employed again improve upon your self-worth attitude and remember that your self-worth is based on who you are and how you live a healthy, positive life. Get vigilant about how you face any crisis and show family, friends and work associates how you value your self-worth because you have a unique role to perform not only in the workforce but in personal relationships as well.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Balanced Life...A Healthy Outlook (c) By Polly Guerin

Nowadays it seems that everyone’s calendar is so programmed and jammed with appointments that one wonders how they find time to simmer down and find balance in their life. There’s so much that draws us from one extreme to another in this busy, hectic world that it’s easy to overdo it. When it comes to investing time and energy, relating to other people and even eating we are constantly challenged to find balance in our life. The great American prophet, Edgar Cayce, the A.R.E., Association for Research and Enlightenment, often counseled people about the necessity to stay balanced saying in one reading, “All work and no play is as bad as all play and no work. (2597.2)
The daily pull on your personal resources of energy and nurturing, concern and compassion, can be a drain on a healthy relationship with family, friends and co-workers. When we give so much of ourselves to others we most often get out of balance because we forget to nurture and develop a healthy relationship with ourselves. As Cayce suggests it is possible to go through “burnout” in which so much energy is focused on the needs of others or the demands of the workplace that one loses the appreciation of self.” When the work schedule or pressure cooker family needs invade your personal time zone it’s time to re-evaluate how much you are neglecting yourself and what you need to do to regain balance.
I often think that I need to protect myself from the “needy” people I meet but remember that Cayce said, “Genuine love of oneself is quite different from selfishness, which ignores the needs of others—has a very important role to play in a balanced healthful life. We should find time to invest in ourselves.” Check point evaluation: How balanced are you in your daily life in regard to contributing to the welfare of others versus contributing to the welfare of yourself? In other words, it is important to invest daily in activities and interests that are self-nurturing and elevate your spirit in a balanced harmony that appreciates YOU.
My friend Kathy makes it a practice to do something special each day for herself and others. She says, “Every day is a cause of celebration, I do not wait for a birthday or holidays to do something special for myself or someone else. Whether it be listening patiently to a problem, or treating myself to a single rose or sending an unexpected gift of gratitude, these activities nurture my existence as well as the recipient of such gifts. The personal touch contributes to the welfare of others and the self-nurturing through these tokens of friendship helps me to keep a healthy balance in my life.”
Balancing relationships and investing sufficiently in yourself contributes to your overall health, your soundness of sleep and your patience in responding with love and compassion to challenging situations both at home and in the workplace, or just out there in the public domain. A healthy balance, a give and take, so to speak, is the key to satisfaction and a means to achieving a happy outlook on life without sacrificing self.