Sunday, February 21, 2010



By Polly Guerin

I’ve heard people explode that something was a “pain in the neck,” but what about that awful “pain in the leg” syndrome?” Although the sensation of pain or cramps in the leg seems to occur at night causing sleep deprived sufferers, this discomfort can also happen during the day. The condition may be noted by women wearing stiletto heels that can result in the shortening and tightening of the Achilles tendon. If the tendon is short and tight because of heels, the foot loses its ability to flex up and down, so switching from killer heels to flat shoes can cause heel and calf pain. Sports enthusiasts engaged in hard running performance often put severe pressure on their feet and that is why you may see any one of them stopping from time to time to stretch their legs. Teenagers engaged in challenging school sport activities may also suffer from leg cramps. Clearing no one is exempt from this condition. Older people seem to be especially vunerable to leg cramp or pain. In the British TV sitcom, “As Time Goes By,” Lionel, the male lead, in a senior moment kneels down on a pillow to propose to Jean, but when he tries to get up a leg cramp seemingly ruins the romantic moment.
Leg cramps can result in some startling situations. I was in a movie theater with an older Uncle one time and when the leg cramps came on unexpectedly he uttered such a strike of pain and stiffened up that the movie attendant was ready to call for an ambulance. The leg spasm and leg pain did not last too long, and although he had had attacks previously he had done nothing to curtail their re-occurrence. It’s unwise to let leg pain go untreated as it could exacerbate into other health problems. While there are some respectable leg cramp commercial products which anyone can purchase at retail, but America’s prophetic psychic, Edgar Cayce had some very easy-to-adapt recommendations that are worth applying. Cayce recommended, “If the feet and limbs give a great deal of trouble, we would apply Mullein Stupes over those areas of the ankle, foot and calf. Put these (Mullein Leaves) on hot and then bind about with padding or wadding to keep the heat. Apply these stupes at least twice each day. Preferably use the green or fresh mullein. This would be bruised, put in very hot water and allowed to stand a few minutes, the dipped out and applied between gauze over the affected area. (2227-3)
There’s a lot to be said about the simply application of Castor Oil rubbed on painful areas of the leg. One young man who consistently suffered from pain in ankles and leg took Cayce’s advice and simply rubbed Castor Oil on these areas for several days and the pain went away. I can also attest to the curative powers of Castor Oil as I use it frequently to relieve the pain, which crops up occasionally in the calf of my left leg. When there is severe pain, however, one may also consider that it may be emanating perhaps from the spine. In any case, though self-medicating is good, you should always consult a physician to determine the cause of the pain and the proper medical treatment.
Cayce also suggested Castor Oil packs to treat leg pain and for that matter other areas of pain in the body. It takes time and patience to do-it-yourself, and it does not have to be messy. For the at-home remedy the materials needed include: Castor Oil, a soft wool flannel cloth, (a size large enough to cover the leg area or body part), a plastic sheet or blue pads, plastic packaging tape, an electric heating pad, a bath towel and two safety pins. FOLLOW THESE STEPS: First spread the plastic sheet on the bed to protect it. Being a practical person I discovered that two or three blue plastic training piddle pads that they sell in pet stores for dog us are equally protective. Just put about three of the pads with the blue plastic side down on the bed lengthwise with the white soft side up so that you can rest on it during the treatment. In advance to lying down on the bed you need to have saturated the soft wool flannel cloth with Castor Oil, but not drippy. Before proceeding place an extra blue pad under the leg to be treated. Lie down and apply the Castor Oil saturated flannel around the leg and then take up the ends of the blue pad and wrap it snugly around the leg. I like to tape the ends together with wide self-sealing packing tape. On top of that place a heating pad and turn it up to “low” to begin with then to “medium” or high if you can tolerate it. Now place the towel around the entire area even over the heating pad and fasten the towel in place with the safety pins.
Let the Castor Oil and heating pad do its curative work for about an hour and a half and then turn it off. When the treatment is concluded remove the heating pad (do not leave it on overnight), but the Castor Oil pack itself can be left on your leg. However, if you prefer to remove the pack simply cleanse the area with a solution of soda water. (2 teaspoons of baking soda to a quart of water) Don’t discard the flannel pack, even if it still has Castor Oil on it. Merely store it away in a plastic container for future use, even on other parts of the body when needed. I have used this Castor Oil pack on numerous occasions on my legs and other parts of my body with pain relief and return to normalcy results.
We stand on our feet for long hours during the day and some people’s work exacerbates the painful condition that is called varicose veins, which aggravate and tire the entire body. Edgar Cayce said, “Thus the great distress is caused when the body is on the feet for any great length of time; causing not only the disorders through the lower limbs and thighs but in the feel also. As we find in the present, those pressures that exist in the lumbar and sacral axis, a s well as the lower portion or coccyx end of the spine are the areas that need the more adjustment to alleviate those tendencies for the circulation that carries blood away from the heart, and yet is so slow in the return of same; thus causing the enlarging of the veins in the lower limbs. He further states, “We would also take Mullein Tea. This should be made of the fresh, green leaves and let steep for about twenty to thirty minutes. Then strain and keep in the ice box, so that it may be kept fresh. Take about an ounce to an ounce and a half of this each day. Keep this up, and it will aid in the circulation, in the elimination of the character of acid in the system, and aid in the circulation through the veins, that are disturbing.” Harking back to the previous paragraph where in I mention Mullein Stupes Cayce continued, “When there is the ability to rest, apply the Mullein Stupes to the areas in the knee and along the thigh, and just below the knee where the veins are more severe. Yet he advises, “Yet the Tea taken internally will be more effective.” To all these treatments Cayce recommended, “Do have the corrections osteopathically made in the lumbar-sacral axis, AND the coccyx area; and coordinate the rest of the body, for the tiredness and for relaxing of the nerves, when these are done. (243-38)
Cayce said, “Remember, life is vibration. Illness and disability are a manifestation of a disturbance in the normal vibrations of the body. So one way or another, Castor Oil may be an agent for restoring the body’s natural vibratory pattern. How Castor Oil does these seemingly miraculous cures is a mystery, but one thing is certain Edgar Cayce teaches us to awaken our sleeping beauty and to recognize the source of healing is within to engage our own power to vibrate with glowing health.


  1. We feel discomfort during varicose vein leg pain specially in nights which we don't get sleep. Some treatments may be chosen for reducing the pains.

  2. I found the castor oil pack (though crudely done, in pain) was immediately helpful in easing a cramped calf and shin. The cramp was as severe as childbirth contractions, could not straighten out the leg. I wish I could know how it is that castor oil is so effective for such diverse problems.
    I also find crampbark (herb) helpful in other situations where I cannot do the pack.

  3. Thanks Ladies! I'm doing a little better each day, and I feel happy despite. I'm glad if any of my experience will be of assistance to others in the same situation. muscle pain relief in canada

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