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Putting Your Best Foot Forward ©
by Polly Guerin
Nowadays in books and plays and on the fashionable streets of major cities the thin, gravity-defying Stiletto Heel seems to have ensnared more fashion victims than any other footwear style. Yes, they are sexy but difficult to walk in, and most importantly they are threat to maintaining healthy feet. Podiatrists and medical foot specialists are receiving more and more patients with foot problems caused by either the constant wearing of those stilettos or wearing very pointed shoes that squeeze toes into unnatural shapes. High-heeled pumps on the other hand, those closed-toed classics with a sensible ½-inch to 2 ½-inch heels are a better alternative for day wear. When was the last time you had your foot measurements taken? That used to be a common occurrence in footwear stores, but you should check as soon as possible to be sure that you have the right fit. My best advice is to refrain from purchasing shoes just for their fashionable look, but for walking comfort be sure to wear your correct shoe size. The best results when shopping for new footwear is to try on the shoes at the end of the day, after a day of walking, when your feet have reached their normal width and length. Edgar Cayce had a few remarks about some of those nasty foot problems that come from the wear and tear on your feet.
Maintaining the good condition of your feet are so essential to supporting your body and a lifetime of walking comfort. Your feet are such a precious part of our anatomy yet we hardly think about their essential role in serving our daily needs. When discomfort occurs and you notice an ugly callous one may rush out to purchase some commercial relief or in more severe cases wind up at the podiatrist’s office. When Cayce was asked, “What caused growth on foot, and what should be used if it repeats itself? In a trance when he gave this reading he responded, “This was from irritation; and that best for the reduction of same, as we find, would be a massage with baking soda, which has been dampened with spirits of camphor. This will be good for anyone having callous places or any attendant growths on feet; for it will remove them entirely!” (276-4) Granted, you may think it easier to just rush out and buy a commercial product, but with a little perseverance you can correct the problem the natural way. Cayce further added, “Bathe the limb from the knee down with warm olive oil. Then apply the saturated solution of spirits of camphor, with bicarbonate of soda. Evenly spread it on, as a very thin layer, see? bandaging this with a thin cloth about the limb and foot, see? Let this remain over the evening, or night see? (3776-13).
I’ve known several women of a certain age who pushed their feet into very pointed too tight shoes to be fashionably au currant. This resulted in unsightly bunions, an inflammation of the big toe, usually resulting in an enlargement of the joint. Not only was this painful but their agony was reflected in their facial expression. So what did the great prophet Cayce say about bunions? One inquirer asked, “What can I do to cure callous or bunion on my left foot? His answer as always was quite simple but it took consistent application to cure the problem. He said, “As we would fine, an application morning and evening (will do it)—not bound on, but massaged thoroughly; and this means not just dabbing on and leaving same, but take three to five minutes of massaging. First, for five to ten days, use common baking soda wet or saturated with spirits of camphor. Then after this has been used until the soreness is removed, use equal parts of Olive Oil and Tincture of Myrrh, and it’ll be like baby’s foot. Massage each of those into the portion where there is a disturbance. (574-1).
It’s no wonder we often have painful feet. After all these feet of ours were meant for walking and are bound to suffer some kind of discomfort throughout our lives. Cayce had some brilliant thoughts about this problem. “If the feet and limbs give a great deal of trouble, we would apply Mullein Stupes over those areas of the ankle and foot. Put these on hot then bind about with padding or wadding to keep the heat. Apply these stupes at least twice each day. Preferable use green or fresh mullein. This would be bruised, put in very hot water and allowed to stand a few minutes, then dipped out and applied between gauze over the affected area. (2227-3).
The condition of unsightly rough feet or dry feet most often seems to occur in the winter when the cold weather drags us down, but it can happen anytime proper care isn’t granted to the foot. Cayce points out those rough feet can be caused by poor circulation, so one needs to consider proper diet in all conditions that occur in the body. Asked by a seeker, “What causes excessive dryness or peeling of skin on the bottom of feet? Cayce answered thusly, “Poor circulation. Hence the needs for massage of oil rubs, which should include the limbs, of course, and especially the feet. With adjustments in the muscular forces and bursa of the feet (Peanut oil and Olive oil: equal parts. (1770-5) A good massage he suggested included 1/2 pint of Russian White Oil, 2 ounces Witch Hazel, 4 ounces rubbing alcohol, Oil of Sassafras 3 minims and Tincture of Capsici 2 minims. He highly recommended this formula for fallen arches saying, “Massage only the amount the skin will absorb. Shake the solution together, for the tendency will be for the Oil of Sassafras to rise to the top—see? Pour a small quantity in a saucer, and only massage into the feet and to the limbs to the knees, including the knees. And do it yourself. And we’ll be rid of all this trouble, and it’ll help the body in many different ways. It’ll walk ten miles instead of five. (386-3) You may readily ask, “Where can I buy such ingredients as Russian White Oil or Sassafras or Tincture of Capsici and you need go no further than the Cayce Boutique at the A.R.E. Center in New York City, located at 241 W. 30th St.,
For most city dwellers it’s difficult to walk on concrete sidewalks all our life. Invariably at some time or another we’re bound to suffer some leg or foot pain. People who stand on their feet for long lengths of time can also be candidates for foot pain or discomfort. Cayce addresses this issue with the following concoction: To 4 ounces of Russian White oil add 2 ounces of Witch Hazel, 1 ounce of Rub Alcohol, and 3 to 5 minims of Oil of Sassafras. He recommends, “Shake this together. Only use a small portion of same at the time. Begin with the hips and rub down (with upward pressure of the hands). This would be good for anyone that stands on the feet much, or whose feet pain. (555.5)
Stimulating and exercising the feet are so easy to do that you can perform simple routines while you lie in bed or standing. You’ll not only feel better an exercise will encourage a peaceful sleep. When asked, “Would you recommend special foot exercise? Cayce offered the following solution, “It would be well if there would be exercise night and morning; night before retiring--but after the massage as indicated, see: and of morning just before putting on hose---after the massage has been given. Stand erect (without anything on the feet, of course). Then raise the arms, gently, slowly over the head---directly over the head. Then gradually rise on the toes. Then as the body relaxes or lowers itself, lower the hands and also—the hands extending in front of the body. Then rock back upon the heels, with hands extended sufficiently to strain or to exercise the bursa of the heel, or those portions of the heel AND the arch, you see, to aid in strengthening. Doing this, together WITH the massage of the properties indicated through heel and arch, and especially over the frontal portions of the foot, we will bring better conditions for same. (1771.3)
Shall we not give our feet their deserved attention and gentle care? All it takes is application of massage oils and exercise to achieve beautiful feet that you will not only take pride in, but have healthy feet that will provide you with comfort and lasting use throughout your lifetime.


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  2. Thanks so much for this blog...I knew there was a remedy for corns (which my mom is in dire need of) but I had forgotten where to find it...I did a search online and got your wonderful article...thanks so much for the wonderful reminders! Edgar Cayce remedies I know from experience really do work!

  3. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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