Thursday, May 6, 2010


By Polly Guerin
A perfect posture, to a large extent, mirrors your reaction to life. All the twists and turns of your destiny are reflected in your “carriage,” which is the manner of bearing your body to project a positive image to the admiring public. Those of us who feel we have the world on a string and everything’s coming up roses walk chin up, heads held high greeting each day with optimism and a happy outlook, and looking up as they do; they tend to have a heightened spirituality. Most likely they smile more and react to the slightest confrontation with a calm and peaceful conclusion. We envy such people, because they appear to be far better looking than they may deserve, but their good posture leads the onlooker to think they are more richly endowed, more likely a superman or superwoman with perfect posture.
When I was a teenager, my mother used to place a book on head and taught me how to walk like a lady, but the concrete streets of New York City where I live now pose navigating problems. Uprooted concrete slabs become stumbling blogs so I can’t always look up and my good posture becomes compromised, because I must look down to avoid a spill. Instead, I must be careful to catch these faults before they make me, or anyone else for that matter, fall on their piazza. So to keep the body fit and upright and maintain a good posture I need to pump up my daily exercise regime.
Dr. Scott Keller, Caycean chiropractor at the A.R.E. Cayce New York Center, points out that bad posture can lead to a variety of health related heart and circulatory problems, arthritis and even aging. It further contributes to the aging process and causing you to look older than your time.” Gravity seems to be tugging at our body. It may cause rounded shoulders, and there is nothing more dangerous for the lungs for it makes it difficult for the lungs to expand and to take in air, which is essential to flush our stagnant air, and provide oxygen for the brain. As we grow older the body tends to take a downward sag dragging with it the chest, lowering the ribs and the abdomen, but attention to a daily exercise program can do wonders to avoid this condition. Exercise, Dr. Keller says, “Will not only strengthen the chest and abdominal muscles that hold the body firmly upright, it will add to a general toning of the entire body.” If exercise has been neglected, for quite some time, it might be a good idea to engage a ‘trainer,’ who can work along with you to address specific areas of concern.
Droop, Stoop, Slump, Slouch, Sloop, Slide, Sink: this is the downward spiral bending the body towards the ground. Poor posture seemingly attacks the body’s fortitude to stand upright and clearly indicates that something is wrong, mentally or physically. Carrying the weight of disappointments on our shoulders can cause the body to lean forward, and in some cases even bend sideward. In more severe cases poor posture may be caused by a medical condition, perhaps the beginning of osteoporosis. Further abetting poor posture can also be caused when physical fitness has been neglected. You were born to stand proud and erect. It is not a privilege, it is your birthright. PLEASE TAKE A SEAT Take a seat, won’t you, but please sit in a proper position. In modern living we are often exposed to round-shoulder occupations. Many office workers or individuals working at home, where no one can observe them, are sitting in their chairs incorrectly. They are bent over slightly into their work or advancing over the keys towards the computer with no back support. Instead they should be sure to be sitting in computer chair configured to support the body, keeping the head held high and the shoulders back. If you’re tied to the chair with work hour after hour, that would also contribute to back pain, even headaches. Health professionals advise such individuals to take frequent breaks and walk around the office, walk to the rest room, or even go out for a 10 minute fresh air break to sap fatigue and restore good posture. DO’S AND DON’TS OF GOOD POSTURE Many back problems which cause poor posture can be avoided, just tap into your memory and remember that it’s best to never sit or stand in one place for a very long time which can cause curvature of the spin. Ladies and gentlemen: Why carry heavy books or groceries, when you can take them with you in a drag along case? When you need to pick something off the floor, bend the knees and drop down gracefully and never, ever lift heavy objects without help. The challenge to keep up a good first impression with perfect posture is a fight against the downward pull of gravity, but with physical fitness and a positive image, winners take all with a well conditioned body and brilliant mind energized, positive and healthy.


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