Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalize, Revive Your Stamina, Massage Benefits (c)
By Polly Guerin

Demystifying the myth that massage is only a luxury pastime for individuals who frequent a tony Spa, it is evident that massage has come mainstream and is recognized today as a link to many health benefits. According to a recent study in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, massage therapy will not only tone up the body’s immune system, but also decrease pain and relieve other health symptoms. Edgar Cayce, the great American prophet who amazed the medical profession with his knowledge of health remedies also endorsed massage, “For the hydrotherapy and massage are preventive as well as curative measures. For the cleansing of the system allows the body-forces themselves to function normally, and thus eliminate poisons, congestions and conditions that would acute through the body.” (257-254)
Massage or (manipulation) is the oldest and most instinctive healing method. In fact, studies have shown that by holding and cuddling premature babies they have a better survival rate. Babies and children, even teenagers and adults need to experience human touch because it plays an important role in mental and emotional development. In humans, quiet stroking of different parts of the body brings about a relaxing semi-hypnotic feeling that has a more favorable effect on the nervous system than tranquilizers or sleeping pills. The list goes on but the truth of the matter remains that after thousands of years of experience, it is easy to understand why massage administered by the human hand can never be supplanted by any machine or vibrator.
Massage is the active and passive movements of the joints, muscles, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments. Pressure and stretching may also be used in this therapy. Cayce recommended, “Take not just a few minutes, but set a period and make of it an occasion when the massage is given. Take from thirty minutes to an hour and a half to do it.” (l688-7).
A weekly massage can be both stimulating and relaxing. It affects every part of the body---nerves, organs, glands, circulation and muscular tone. It’s a ‘Feel Good’ therapy that is readily available at numerous, reasonably priced accredited venues. There are all types of massage available today. Whether it be Swedish massage or any other discipline the treatment is relatively the same. Caution: To address any medical concerns always consult your primary doctor first who can recommend a qualified and certified massage therapist. Edgar Cayce also said, “Those who would take a peanut oil rub each week need never fear arthritis. (1206-31).
The curative powers of massage has been the foundation health remedies in many ancient cultures. There are records of massage being used in China as back as 3000 B.C. Although massage is usually given with the hands but among some cultures, such as Japan, the elbow or forearm is used. Folklore tells that in Russia at harvest fairs, “walking the bear” was a practice using a small honey bear that was trained to walk up and down the patient’s back. For the peasant farmer the treatment provided vast relief from bending and working the fields. The ancient Polynesians idea of massage had a similar effect. Massage was given by walking up and down on the patient while he was lying down. Asclepiades, who practiced in Greece and Rome (circa 140 B.C.), promoted the use of massage as part of a diet, water, and active and passive exercise practice.
May literally be a way to cure the world of its aggression, road rage, fatigue, depression and a host of other nasty ailments that make daily life less durable. So, next time you find yourself getting irritable consider massage as the life-giving antidote to all that ails you.


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