Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RAINBOW RESULTS With Chakra Colors (c) by Polly Guerin

There’s more in a rainbow than meets the eye. It’s all the colors naturally found in sunlight split apart, enabling you to see each color separately but each rainbow color helps you to energize the Chakra centers in your body. A rainbow can send your spirits soaring, it can pump up your energy and even send stress beyond the rainbow. Waiting for a rainbow to appear to reap the benefits doesn’t happen with enough regularity to bring results. To quicken the pace just place a glass of water on a windowsill or better yet hang crystal beads in a window. As the sun’s rays pass through, rainbows will tweak your day in amazing ways.

In my book, The Message is in the Rainbow © 2009 I discuss the powerful ‘feel good’ results that can be achieved merely by focusing on a particular color in the rainbow spectrum. Your root charka center is associated with the color red, your sacral center with the color orange, your solar plexus with the color yellow, your heart center with green, your throat center with blue, your brow center with indigo and your crown center with violet and white. Simply by visualizing the color can produce amazing results. How? Well to assist the process you could place a sheer chiffon scarf in a particular color over your head or purchase colored jells in an art store and hold them in your eye view.

Red is a passionate color and coloring your root chakra with red sends warmth and energy soaring through this center. The energy surge of Red has been known to stimulate circulation and give you that “Can Do” attitude. So don’t let cloudy days dim your outlook on life, carry a red umbrella. Wear red when you want to attract attention, but don’t wear a red suit to the job interview it might just get the interviewer flared up like a bull and your toreador skills won’t come in handy in this situation. Red is drama at the zenith of attention grabbing colors, no wonder sale signs blare their message in red. Put out the welcome mat and paint the entrance hall with touches of red. Its message puts an upbeat spin on entertaining.

Nothing invites happiness more than the color orange. Orange may lack the passion of red but its innate value as a happiness booster makes you feel more confident and energetic. Not everyone can wear orange but a splash of tangerine coaxes affection and perhaps a kiss. Perhaps now is the time to redecorate the family room. Paint a wall warm salmon and turn it into an inviting gathering space with plush orange plump pillows tossed on the sofa. Orange has a gentle flame of its own coloring warmth, enthusiasm and a joyful spirit. Think of a juicy orange and sink your teeth into the aroma that invites you to share the simple goodness of the fruit and happiness.

Sunlight and sunflowers guarantee to boost optimism. I’ve often heard people say, “My, doesn’t she have a sunny disposition.” Such a person seems to have captured the sun inside their personality. They are always such a joy to be around. A bedroom decorated with sunny yellow sheets can bath you in a comfy warm glow and lull you to sleep in a bed of happy dreams. A bouquet of sunflowers plucked from the flower fields in Southern Europe has that homespun quality that seems to make the view come up with visions of a simpler, happy time. A dark hallway can be cheered up with yellow paint and lead the way to a warm reception.

Who would ever think that green could have so many benefits? Every time you visual green or see it in décor you can feel the calm balancing quality of this color. Why? It encourages people to get along with each other and stifles argumentative confrontations in the home or office environment. It is Mother Nature’s color with the promise of rejuvenation, refreshing and rebirthing not only the spring season but with similar effects in home décor. Warm up your rooms with green grassy color and invited the outdoors in. It is associated with the heart chakra where compassion and love dwells.

There’s a touch of serenity in the color blue. No wonder it’s America’s favorite color. It has a sense of permanency associated with the color of the constant sky, the cool waters of a pristine lake and the azure beauty in a rainbow. Blue imbues one’s psyche with calm it lowers your blood pressure and stabilizes your heart rate. When it comes to stressful moments stay ‘cool and collected’ seeing yourself through with blue visualization. True blue is Navy the color of authority and trustworthiness. Pile on the blue, especially in the bedroom the private oasis of calm and rest.

The Indigo energy center is located just between your eyebrows, which is commonly called the third eye chakra. This is the center of intuitive thinking and a search for enlightenment is at its core. Such individuals are likely to be highly spiritual thinkers, perhaps motivational speakers. They inspire and uplift thinking to its highest level of development. Think Indigo and find your own spiritual awakening or let creativity flow as it never has done before. Indigo invites you to expand and to explore the universe. Make your world more meaningful and capture Indigo from the rainbow.
Make your home, your life a rainbow of happy, positive possibilities.

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