Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Breathing is something that we perform so automatically that we frequently take it for granted. Seldom do we concern ourselves with the function that keeps us inhaling and exhaling so consistently with rhythmic motion. However, very few of us realize how poorly so many of us perform this life-giving task. Edgar Cayce the great American psychic said in a reading on this subject, “rarely does the body breathe as deep as it should.” (2360-1) He further advised, “This lack of deep breathing can have serious consequences causing poor assimilation and fatigue.
More than ever, people need to be concerned about breathing fresh air. The poor air quality polluting big cities, confinement in corporate offices, re-circulation of air on airplanes, enclosed gyms lacking open windows are all warning signs that our health is threatened. Breathing in fresh air, however, clarifies and purifies our system. Not only do our cells breathe, but so too does our skin. All the more reason to start the day breathing in fresh air before an open window. A brisk walk in the open air will also bring benefits replenishing the body with oxygen.
Why deep breathing? A lot of elimination takes place through the lungs and deep breathing clarifies and purifies the body. Cleansing the lungs is beneficial, especially when you exhale the breath completely, forcing the air out of the lungs and bringing in a complete change of air that will revitalize your body. Deep breathing not only drives oxygen down into the lower part of the lungs, but it also helps to eliminate carbon dioxide, which is the end product of fatigue.
Cayce’s readings on the subject of deep breathing exercise also placed great emphasis on stretching and bending exercises in the yoga tradition. One of the easiest exercises he recommended involves a mere three to five minutes in the morning and evening. Before an open window, of course, standing with feet on the floor, gently rise on the toes, and at the same time raise your arms high above the head. Breathe IN as the body rises, stretch backward to open up the chest and breathe OUT as you bring your arms down in front, lower your heels, cross arms and hug the body as you bend forward, forcing all the air out of the lungs. (1773-1) Repeat this exercise for the prescribed minutes and feel refreshed and re-energized.
Exchanging stale breath for fresh breath in the lungs is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins from the body and keep yourself feeling and looking young. Just for a few minutes a day, morning and evening, deep breathing exercise rejuvenates the body, and improves circulation and elimination. For people seemingly trapped at their computer desk in office buildings in big cities it is important to get outdoors. Do not eat lunch sitting at your desk. Walk around the block, find a pocket park to rest and on weekends engage in outdoor activities that give life restoring energy to the body and bring the mind in harmony with nature.


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