Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Do you ever think about your self- worth? If what you are all about in life is merely based on your job status you’re heading in the wrong direction because a superficial attitude can affect your health, depression being one of those symptoms. When people get depressed more often than not it is based on loss of work. It’s easy to succumb and tally up yourself worth in the negative when all along you forgot about your self-worth. Joel Osteen, the popular TV minister, recently addressed the issue of self-worth stating that medical research has evaluated the human body and all of its amazing intricate parts and function as worth six million dollars.
Osteen further attested that starting at this realization you perhaps never estimated your self-worth at such a high level. You’re actually wealthy, a unique 6 Million Dollar Man or Woman, which right off ought to push you up on the emotional scale of inner strength and self reliance. Now doesn’t that make you feel elated? You’re extremely valuable and can hold your head up high with confidence and dignity despite job loss concerns.
At a time when the job market is flooded with applicants it’s a wise decision to make a compromise. When a friend of mine lost her high figure job she held out for a position with equal remuneration, and refused to accept a position at lower pay. “Take it,” I said, but she did not heed my words and warning that she should not pass up this opportunity. However, by the time she realized her mistake, like Lily Bart in Edith Wharton’s book, The House of Mirth, when my friend and Lily finally decided to compromise the offers had ceased.
It’s always better to be employed in the work force than to be out of it, and although unemployment insurance will tide you over this period in your life, what are you going to do with the time on your hands? In order to keep your skills polished and at top form now may be the time to fill up the vacant hours and volunteer in an organization where your expertise will not only contribute, but be noticed. Sometimes a volunteer job can turn into a permanent position. Volunteering will keep your skills polished and help to build your self esteem and boost your confidence. Giving back to community by contributing your time and skills adds a bonus to your 6 million dollar worth.
When the job interviewer asks, “What have you been doing in the interim?” You’re volunteer work skills will provide a positive plus for you. Once you’re gainfully employed again improve upon your self-worth attitude and remember that your self-worth is based on who you are and how you live a healthy, positive life. Get vigilant about how you face any crisis and show family, friends and work associates how you value your self-worth because you have a unique role to perform not only in the workforce but in personal relationships as well.


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