Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Every woman can become beautiful, every man attractive but the mind plays a pivotal role in maintaining youthfulness. Edgar Cayce the great American prophet ought to know. Although most of his 'Readings' concerned health matters he had also doled out beauty advice to individuals who were seeking information on therapies for Living Young in all aspects of their life. In one of his astute readings Cayce said, “If we would have life, give it. If we would have love, make ourselves lovely. If we would have beauty within our lives, make our lives beautiful. If we would have beauty in body or mind, or soul, create that atmosphere, and that which brings about life itself will bring those (same) forces into the experience. (2096-1).
WHAT WAS CAYCE SAYING? Obviously feeling young and looking good is up to you. As an individual we have the responsibility to ‘make our lives beautiful’ by making a commitment to create an attitude, a lifestyle and an environment that reflects beauty in our daily experience and encounter with others. This commitment will not only contribute to staying youthful in appearance but will make your journey here one of definitive purpose and soul fulfillment.
MAKING THE MOST OF IT Such a daily routine is the foundation of a youthful appearance. While we acknowledge that true beauty comes from within, from the beauty of the soul, there is nothing wrong with beautifying the body in which the soul swells. In other words Cayce advised that one need not be vain or frivolous in caring for the body, but they should make the most of what they have. Even a wallflower with proper grooming can emerge like a rose. Moreover, the Cayce readings are replete with advice and remedies for all aspects of achieving and maintaining a more beautiful you. He addressed some vexing concerns like care of complexion, remedies for skin blemishes, hair, baldness and dandruff, care of nails and feet. Achieving a beautiful mind and keeping the body young demands a rigorous daily regime that includes the Cayce diet, regular exercise, meditation and a positive outlook. Such a daily routine is the foundation of a youthful appearance. Any girl or woman who adheres to this beauty advice can improve her health and beautify her appearance.
MIND OVER MATTER Cayce further answered the question, “How can people avoid aging in appearance?” and answered “The Mind!” (1947-4). I had an aunt who was not exactly a beauty, but she followed the Cayce beauty routine with impeccable grooming and conservative but fashionable apparel and before she left her house she looked in a blue tinted mirror that magically dispelled any imperfections. In her mind she was beautiful. As the old adage goes, “Thinking will make it so.” As a matter of fact my real secret to staying youthful and feeling young is more mind-over-matter. Even a little meditation in the morning or a catch up meditation at intervals during the day might focus on all the things you should be grateful for in life. Indeed, you might go to and read “Thanksgiving Reverence” for the many things to be grateful for.
So put yourself in a great state of mind and be passionate about everything you do in life, and remember that there are so many wonderful things to remind us that we are truly blessed every day. Such thoughts will keep you feeling young and looking good with a special glow that comes from inner beauty.


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