Wednesday, January 11, 2012


To soap or not to soap? That is the question many women ask and have often sought an answer to from the great man himself, Edgar Cayce. With all the readings Cayce was giving you would not think that he would have time to even consider this question, but ‘surprise,’ he did. It’s amazing to realize that an ordinary bar of soap like Black and White, Cuticura, Palma Christi, Olivae and a whole host of organic bars could have so many benefits for maintaining one’s complexion and treat common skin problems. While extensive expense has been doled out by women to remove the grime/makeup from their faces and to cleanse their bodies, sometimes it’s just a simple bar of soap that can achieve a healthy, youthful glow and help to counteract even facial flaws. Referring to pure products Cayce’s reading noted, “These preparations are preferable to most of the compounds that carry leads or poisonous conditions for the skin.” (2154-1) BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP Even Edgar Cayce acknowledged that “Beauty is only skin deep,” saying “Don’t depend upon cosmetics to clear or purify the skin. The cosmetics should be rather as an aid to keeping the superficial circulation in portions of face and hands in bettered conditions.” (5271-1) Cayce further stated that a healthy, radiant epidermis depends not on external applications alone and cannot be achieved without proper diet and nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude over mind, body and spiritual outlook because genuine beauty comes from within, rather than an external condition. ONE SOAP TO LIVE BY While many women rely on some expensive commercial products to maintain their complexion’s flawless look or to camouflage skin flaws several soap brands have been mentioned in the Cayce Readings that perform far more reasonably. How about $6 a bar? Now that’s a bargain for beauty yet no fancy name is associated with genuine Black and White soap so you will not find it in a fancy cosmetic department. However, according to Cayce genuine Black & Whit e soap is an excellent cleansing soap for skin care and bathing. It has been recommended for skin problems such as acne, pimples, blackheads, eczema, itching burning and stinging skin. In a reading Cayce said, “These will keep the irritations from making the openings, or large pores.” (3081-1) INTRODUCED IN THE 1930s Genuine Black & White products have been around since the 1930s with staying power over 80 years. That’s endorsement enough for me to seek further information. Cayce also recommended Black and White cosmetics, which include cold cream, cleansing cream, skin whitener, vanishing cream, and ointment. Another reading stated, these are “the better products for the protection or care of skin, complexion.” (275-31) For anyone over 50 the good news is that Black and White preparations help to firm the muscles in the face and neck and prevent the looseness throughout the body. TRIED AND TRUE STANDBYS I remember Cuticura soap, it was in regular use in my mother’s cabinet for its deep cleansing and anti-bacterial ingredients that condition skin with practical treatment for skin abrasions, eczema, large pores. It was among the first soaps commercially introduced in 1865 and is still sold today as an antibacterial medicated soap that cleans and controls oil and germs that can cause blemishes. Then there is the Palma Christi soap, a natural cleansing bar custom formulated with softening, moisturizing properties of Castor oil, Almond oil, Lanolin, aloe Vera and Cocoa butter for allover cleansing. French Milled, Castile soap is another household favorite. It is an olive-oil based soap was first manufactured in Castile, Spain, hence it’s name. Olive oil has a long history. It has been a part of beautification rituals since ancient Egypt and Italian women have known of its benefits for centuries. A French milled version called, Olivae, has been specifically formulated with cocoa butter, olive oil, sweet almond oil, Aloe Vera and Lanolin to moisturize as it cleans. The use of any particular soap, however, remains an individual choice. One woman’s favorite standby may not be another woman’s or man’s solution. What is useful in maintaining a glowing complexion, moisturizing or combating skin flaws for one person may not be as effective for another person’s skin.
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