Saturday, July 21, 2012


It’s amazing how much dry skin you’re carrying around on your body. Some dry skin makes us feel itchy; some of it stifles the skin’s excretion process of toxins and may even contribute to premature wrinkles on the body. Dry skin brushing is probably something you have never heard off, and neither did I until I read about this ancient health routine that has more benefits than a shower or bath each day. Dry skin brushing of the entire body sets in motion natural healing by stimulating nerve beds, which increases the normal healing processes throughout the entire body. Most significantly dry skin brushing helps to detoxify the body.  STAGNANT LIFESTYLES This technique should be especially of interest to individuals who spend most of their workday stagnant in a chair and glued to the computer screen, and toxins set in as well as a pain in the neck, shoulder or back. As for the fashionistas reading this health report there may be some additional benefit because dry skin brushing may help in the breakdown of cellulite. The overall benefit of dry skin brushing is that circulation improves, your skin becomes softer and glowing and you will feel refreshed and invigorated. 
DRY SKIN BRUSHING PROCESS Okay, I think I’ve got you interested. All you need is a natural bristle brush, with a long handle. The process is painless and there is no cost involved except a fraction of your time. Now you are ready to get started. Stand in the tub prior to taking a shower or sit on a tub chair prior to bathing. Take the natural bristle brush and begin brushing your skin. Begin the process at the bottom of your feet sweeping upwards onto the legs, move to the torso and hips again in an upward direction with a focus towards the heart so that toxins can be released. Turn the brush onto the hands and sweep upwards towards the shoulders. The long handled dry brush will help you reach your backside so start at the feet again and begin the process, and when you have finished bath or shower. No, do not use a long handled natural brush on your face. Purchase a softer natural brush for your delicate complexion.
THE BENEFITS OF DRY SKIN BRUSHING Don’t expect results immediately. Dry skin brushing should become a daily routine for lymphatic cleansing that will return your skin to a healthy glow and you’ll look and feel younger and healthier. Yes, there are products at retail that tout some of the same benefits, but why purchase one when all you need is a natural dry bristle long handled brush and your time to feel and look great! When the body rids itself of toxins, you are able to perform efficiently. Dry skin brushing helps to shed dead skin cells. It can help to improve skin texture and cell renewal. It helps to tighten the skin because it increases the flow of blood and it eliminates clogged pores.
THE ANCIENT CURE Remember how wonderful your skin felt after a day rolling in the sand at the beach or dipping into the sandy salt water? That is natural skin brushing without much effort but pleasure. Some native American Indians were ahead of the concept and scrubbed their skin with sand from river bottoms. Skin brushing is an ancient remedy. The Scandinavians had been using loofah sponges as do the Japanese as a prelude to a hot sauna or hot bath. Greek athletes used skin scrapers to clean the skin and encourage circulation. So take a cue from the ancients and start brushing your body today.

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