Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GRATITUDE and ATTITUDE (c) By Polly Guerin

On the aftermath of the hurricane, Sandy, there is no better time than the present to offer up expressions of gratitude. Even despite grave losses that so many have suffered there are still viable reasons why gratitude is such a healing benefit; for it reminds us how truly fortunate we are to still be here to acknowledge our gainful presence in the world. Our mind is so powerful it creates the reality in which we live in. The old adage said it all, ‘What we think is what we create.’ Dwelling on losses, disappointment and despair over world conditions fosters negativity and if we think negative thoughts, the Universe will always mirror this back to us.
HEALING TOOL OF THE MIND Gratitude, therefore, transcends our vibrations to a level where pain and suffering cannot exist. So being grateful and thanking the creator opens up a positive feeling in the physical body and fills the enlightened person with light. Therefore, stewards of the family or teachers who express gratitude and ‘thank you’ create love and positive feelings that affect everyone around them, especially children. When a person holds onto negative thoughts about themselves or others, they only fill their body with toxic feelings which can result in physical or emotional trauma.
PINK BUBBLE LOVE Whenever someone acts improperly and offends my friend Tony Carroll Terman says, “Put them in an imaginary pink bubble of love and send them on their way with positive thoughts of healing their negativity.” It seems to me that that is sound advice. In other words, let the slings and arrows of outrageous conduct never overtake you, just send people with those thoughts off to enlightenment in the pink bubble. When you choose to be positive and go forward with an attitude of gratitude, you create harmony and happy vibes in everyone you meet. Consider yourself an ambassador of love and positive thinking.
ENTERTAINING HURT Some people never seem to want to let it go. Conjuring up old hurts and disappointments keeps them rooted in negativity and their health can be affected, even their physical demeanor. They may not realize it, but when they are in a negative zone their life is in jeopardy of not meeting the right people or finding the right circumstances to co-exist. However, when anyone is positive they become a powerful communicator that spreads harmony with whomever you come in contact with.
FORGIVE AND FORGET That’s the golden rule for existing as a healthy and happy person. If a relative or someone isn’t interested in your friendship, despite your friendly calls, don’t fret, just know that it is out of your hands to make amends. Let them be, and instead you should cheerfully go on your way associating with people who really love you. The attitude of gratitude should be applied to every single thing in your world where positive energies move you forward to create a full and healthy lifestyle. Be thankful and say, “Thank you for my family for my friends, my environment and the food I eat and the bed I sleep in.” The list of ‘thank yous’ can get quite long extending through the place where you work and the people there, to social activities you engage in. Once you start the list you’ll find it amazing just how much you have to be grateful for. Best Advice: Get in the habit of gratitude and reap the benefit of contentment.

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