Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The Message is in the Rainbow, my book on the powerful psychology of color as it affects mind, body and spirit, also includes the rainbow of colors that emerge from the sea as seaglass; those broken pieces of glass that travel from faraway lands and crash up on the shoreline of beaches. You may have to wait until summer to discover sea glass on a sandy beach, but at times when seaglass is not readily available, you can purchase, color transparencies, in an art supply store. Like seaglass. these color transparencies help you to discover the power of color and its amazing affect on your mind.
RICH RED VIBRATIONS Remember the saying, ‘The red badge of color’? Well, red is a strong seaglass color that promotes courage and represents the life force of powerful energy itself. When you are feeling lackluster wear red to perk up your spirits and stimulate your mind. Red awakens our creativity and pulsates with emotional characteristics. The Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler, for example, attributed symbolic meaning to the colors in his paintings and associated red with passion. To re-energize your outlook gaze upon red seaglass to evoke more passion for living life to its fullest with boundless energy. If pink seaglass washes up on shore it will bring with it more love into your life.
ORANGE UPBEAT I always think of an orange creamscile on a stick with its juicy orange outer coat and soft creamy inside; it brings back the joy of remembering a carefree summer day. This color is the most emotionally warming and cheerful color on the spectrum. As you lull away a summer’s day look into orange colored sea glass and feel the happiness well up and your creativity surge. Orange governs happiness, confidence and resourcefulness. As you gaze into the depths of orange seaglass feel recharged as the self-assured; the enthusiastic and happy person you are, spreading cheer all around.
YELLOW BRIGHTENS ANY DAY To continue on a happy note and keep your mood sunny surround yourself with yellow; it is a creative color that provides you with increased awareness and curiosity. As you gaze into the sparking yellow seaglass absorb the vibrations of confidence and self-worth increase. For an extra dose of feel-good take yellow to heart and notice how yellow energy connects to your mental outlook. Some may say, “You have a sunny disposition,” and you know immediately that happy yellow brightens any day and anyone who comes into your yellow orbit feels the benefit of your optimism.
LOVABLE GREEN Green is the great connector to unconditional love and balances your whole being. Gazing at green seaglass therefore relaxes your muscles and gives you a feeling of renewal, harmony and peace. When people say, “She is green with envy,” that means he or she is envious of your serene persona that seems so much in tune with everything around you that brings with it vibrations of understanding, sympathy, compassion and love. The ancient Greeks revered green as the most fruitful of all hues, and the renewal of every spring’s verdant green display of hope, calm and in the green cast shadows trees silhouetted on a lake. Green is a color that also brings prosperity to the beholder.
BLUE, THE COLOR OF SPIRIT This is a mentally-relaxing color fused with serenity and calming vibrations. Just gazing at blue seaglass evokes more confidence, clarity and improves communication and speech. Blue is associated with the feel-good sky. Think of the refrain, “My Blue Heaven,” and find yourself pacified by the sea and the sky captured in the blue seaglass from foreign shores. The Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler attributed blue with spirituality and in blue seaglass we find the same spirit of holiness manifested in loyal and trustworthy characteristics.
CROWNING GLORY: VIOLET/PURPLE On a higher note of beauty, creativity and inspiration, gazing at violet/purple seaglass represents the union of your higher self with spirituality and brings with it guidance, wisdom and inner strength to fulfill your destiny by enhancing artistic talent, creativity and innovation. Indigo, a deep richer, almost midnight purple, often sweeps up on the shore from exotic lands. Just gaze at its deep color to strengthens intuition, imagination, psychic powers and ability to dream more vividly.


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