Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GET UP!!! SITTING KILLS (c) By Polly Guerin

The computer is like a magnet once you sit down and start working most individuals with long hours of task work never get up. What’s more according to the American Cancer Society “the more people log in a chair, the greater their risk of early death.” WHEW!!! Even if you exercise regularly you are still at risk. Stationary ways of spending hours at a time in a chair has proven to be the worst thing you could do to endanger your well-being. Quite frankly, I declare, it is frightening to admit but your chair is sure to kill you.

DANGEROUS SIDE AFFECTS The excesses of sitting in a chair all day can really turn your body into an ugly mess; sitting inflates your spare tire, lowers levels of beneficial HDI, and raises levels of inflammation and blood fats. Researchers at Mayo Clinic confirmed that sitting for extended hours, without taking a few “get up” and walk around breaks, could face the onslaught of illness including heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and thrombosis. Back problems are another result of excessive sitting; nerve damage and other problems including neck pain. Dr. Scott Keller, Caycean Chiropractor at  Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. New York Center confirmed, "Long periods of inactivity, particularly sitting, cause pressure on the inter-vertebral discs, which then result in predispositioning the body to injury and degeneration of the discs." He also explains that many of his patients complain of severe muscle spasms in their shoulders and lower backs and that are attributed to long periods of inactivity.

GETTING OFF YOUR DUFF Well, as I am writing this article I just took my own advice and got out of my chair; did a few head rolls and stretch exercises . I also have my printer placed away from my desk thereby requiring me to get out of my chair to retrieve a print out. Don’t text your colleague in the next office; get out of your chair and pay them a visit or go to the office kitchen and take a mini break with a glass of iced or hot tea. Standing, especially when talking on the telephone, can give you another life-saving break up from the chair. Set a reminder to get out of your chair at regular intervals. Trainer Sean Hyson suggests, which lets you schedule a recurring prompt on your pc. Airline travelers taking long flights are also cautioned to get up and walk around in order to avoid leg thrombosis.

Remember active bodies mean active brains so don’t let your brain get sluggish and your body bloat. SAVING YOUR LIFE is as SIMPLE as GETTING OUT OF YOUR CHAIR AND MOVING AT REGULAR INTERVALS! BELIEVE ME IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT, SO GET OFF YOUR DUFF NOW!!! Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. New York Center, the American Association for Research and Enlightenment of New York Inc. is located at 241 West 30th Street, 2nd floor (btw.7th 7 8th Ave.) New York, N.Y. 10001. Tel: 212-691-7690.


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