Friday, February 7, 2014

MAUREEN ST. GERMAIN: Spiritual Leader (c) By Polly Guerin

Maureen St. Germain is one of our country’s most multifaceted spiritual leaders, whose lifelong journey developed the path that led her to become an author and self-realization teacher and founder of the Akashic Records Guides. She brings to the A.R.E. of New York, through her workshop “Learn How to Read Your Akashic Records, an awakening of information that opens the door for a wide range of seekers to comprehend how to access these records that reveal past, present and future aspects of their life. This is a major breakthrough and echoing the words of Edgar Cayce Maureen says, “The Akashic records are available to everyone.” To this end, she has taught workshops worldwide for almost twenty years, but from the start of her young life she was devoted to God, the Angelic realm and spiritual forces.

Maureen says, “I have been spiritually focused all my life,” and relates that as a youngster she read “The Lives of the Saints” book and was introduced to Edgar Cayce by her mother, who was a psychic. Early on her faith was so strong that she even contemplated becoming a nun. Continuing on her spiritual path Maureen read hundreds of books on spiritual enlightenment and books on angels, ascended masters, Mayan mysteries and even modern day mystics.
   At first, Maureen was a stay-at-home mom and mother of four sons. Her life, one might surmise at this time, was typical of women of her genre. However, Maureen was a multifaceted individual who went beyond this homemaker role and even worked in the corporate world as a CEO, lobbyist and as a nonprofit fundraiser. However, her spiritual vision remained steadfast throughout this part of her life and it manifested itself more emphatically as she became interested in the Search for God study groups.

As a woman determined to pursue her destiny Maureen’s attention was focused on her spiritual development. As a young mom in her 20s Maureen participated in her first Search for God Study Group and attended every week’s meeting for five years. When she relocated to New York City, she joined the A.R.E. New York Center and this was her first foray into teaching classes here as well.
   Maureen and her family were on the move again and in 1979 Maureen was living in the Midwest in Warren, Ohio. She recalls: “I went to my first Search for God study group there because of Charlotte Alexander’s reputation as a gifted teacher and spiritual icon. She was the study group’s leader and “I choose to attend for the spiritual stimulation and discussion, which resonated with me in a big way including the doctrine, “People were held accountable for their thoughts and words.” At this time Maureen also adopted Edgar Cayce’s recommendations on health. “I also began using the Cayce health remedies on myself and my family and my four sons were given castor oil packs on the first signs of discomfort.”
The explanation of the Akashic Records is offered here as introduction to this segment of this interview. “In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic Records (from akasha, the Sanskrit word for ‘sky’ 'space’ or ‘aether’) are a compendium of mystic knowledge supposedly encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane.”

Referring to the Akashic Records Maureen says, “I always knew I was aware I could see a field of knowledge that existed and as a youngster I was very sensitive to the energies around me.”
   Maureen continues: “My first recollection of the Akashic Records was before I was a teenager. I knew that it existed, but I did not know what it was called back then.” At one time Maureen received a message from a certain astrologer. She called her on the phone and astrologer said “You have been given access to a dimension closed to humanity for millions of years.”
   After being ‘granted access to this dimension’ Maureen has been giving Akashic Records workshops worldwide to enlighten other people on how to open their own Akashic records. She also founded a training program for Akashic Records Guides, Akashic Records International (ARI). Her program stresses integrity, accuracy and usefulness of information.Adding to her vast font of knowledge, Maureen was also personally trained and accredited by Drunvalo Melchizedek as a certified Flower of Life facilitator in 1995.
Maureen St. Germain is also a bestselling author and her self-published books through Phoenix Rising Publishing, a division of her firm, Transformational Enterprises, Inc., are also sold as EBooks through Amazon. In “Be A Genie” her book assists people in meeting and surpassing their life dreams and goals using the laws of quantum physics and sacred geometry, along with easy to learn, step-by-step tools and practice. She suggests that readers who wish to manifest positive thinking and results should create a movie of a specific goal and replay that movie over and over again in their mind to reinforce its positive outcome. Another book, “Beyond the Flower of Life,” offers advanced Merkaba teachings, sacred geometry and the opening of your heart. Her self-study guide for personal transformation is found in “Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality.
   Maureen’s corporate experience in tandem with her role as a spiritual leader is an interesting combination that proves of merit to the A.R.E. New York. In regard to her corporate experience she says; “I learned how to operate on a board, how to work as a team and I learned about the value of fund raising.”
   Maureen has been a member of the A.R.E. for three years and has presented a number of workshops at the A.R.E. New York Center. She was invited to join the Board several months ago and channeled her higher self and accepted the position. “I was recently appointed to the Fund Raising Committee and hope to be able to support the chair, Lynne Salomon, along with the whole board of the A.R.E. To this end Maureen donated a free training session to our Board. She concludes: “I believe my professional training in non-profit administration will be the strongest contribution.”
Maureen St. Germain leads workshops worldwide in personal development and spiritual awakening. She shares the knowledge she has gained from the study of ancient truths and parlays this knowledge to seekers in workshops, lectures and her books.

Polly Guerin, author of eight books, is a lifetime member of the A.R.E. New York Center, and a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach, Va. Ms. Guerin is a former college professor and also writes features for major magazines.


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