Friday, August 6, 2010

Hailitosis Bad Breath Health Hazard (c) By Polly Guerin

Even a legendary icon like Clark Gable could have bad breath. It is part of Hollywood legend the Tara’s Vivien Leigh did not like kissing Clark Gable in Gone With the Wind because he had terrible breath. So like these star crossed lovers is bad breath keeping you from having a romantic lifestyle but most importantly is it hampering your health? I can’t understand the movies they portray tony people sitting in bed and being served a breakfast tray. Obviously they did not have to brush their teeth first or gargle away the night’s sludge on their breath. Or how about those commercials about gargling. Here’s the scoop!!!
Well, according to reliable sources probably the most important thing you can do for bad breath is to brush and floss your teeth at least 2 times every day, because food sticks between your teeth, around your gums and on your tongue. The great American prophet Edgar Cayce said that bad breath in most cases also comes from improper elimination and/or decaying teeth. Cayce recommended internal cleansing with colonics, castor oil packs, a balanced diet, and when he was asked, “How can I get rid of bad breath?” Cayce’s replied, “By making for better conditions in eliminations. Take GlycoThymoline as an intestinal antiseptic. Two, three times a day.” (Reading: 5198-1) GlycoThymoline is available at the Cayce Center in New York City.
Offensive bad breath is most noticeable in the morning and it tends to increase in concentration with advancing age. It can be caused by numerous excesses including smoking, drinking, eating toxic foods like onions, garlic and exotic spices or taking certain medication. Naturally, if you have a decaying tooth in your mouth or diseased gums, the bad breath may be a symptom of a condition that requires a visit to the dentist. It can also be an indication of a health problem, such as diabetes or sinus infection and a warning sign to consult your doctor.
Fresh Mint, Spearmint and Peppermint: There are many refreshing mouthwashes on the market but to gargle alone will not entirely eliminate the problem. Good oral hygiene is the basic approach. Even a toothbrush can be toxic. When was the last time you bought a new one? Most mouthwashes do not have a long-lasting effect on bad breath, and the more you use a mouthwash, the more you will have to use it because once the astringency and tart taste are gone, your mouth may need another swishing. If you do use a mouthwash, swish it around in your mouth for 30 seconds before spitting it out. If you have dry mouth drink more water or suck on a sugar-free mint.
In general people are so concerned about bad breath that the mouthwash industry is a profitable business. Between the massive purchases of mouthwashes and mouth spritzers people know that bad breath just isn’t socially acceptable. Whether in the workplace or at home truly bad breath can be a deterring factor that may provoke the loss of friendship and even romance. Unpleasant bad breath can easily be avoided. However, if you cannot get rid of bad breath on your own, don’t hesitate to consult your family doctor of find out if there is a more serious condition causing it. Well said, but I'm buying new toothbrush and floss today and will gargle to my heart's content afterward.


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