Thursday, August 12, 2010

WATER, The Ordinary H2O Cure (c) By Polly Guerin

You’ve heard it over and over again, “Drink plenty of water!”

Doctors, chiropractors and health practitioners all agree that dehydration can cause mild to severe health problems. Drinking water therefore is crucial for overall good health and especially for mental clarity. In a polluted society Toxemia, the presence of a toxic substance in the blood is another major concern because being toxic probably applies to most everyone in modern life. Water is a natural flushing agent and can rid the system of disturbing forces in the body. Edgar Cayce, the great American prophet had this to say about the virtue of water.
Like the other authorities mentioned here, Cayce also recommended six to eight glasses of water for the average person each day unless he/she is suffering from a specific illness. In one of his readings he said, “Drink plenty of water. No stimulants, as tea or coffee. Herb teas, however, are acceptable . The care of the body in general---keeping plenty of water for the system, internal and external will build the body to its normal resistance.” (583-4). He also pointed out the importance of water as an aid to digestion and assimilation.
Plastic bottled water has recently come under fire as a health concern and many people are changing to metal dispensers. However, if you are still purchasing bottled water remember that the label may be enticing, the location of the water source may be exotic, but it is important to check that the brand you buy is what the label claims, not bottled tap water. Cayce recommended to use spring water or distilled water for drinking. However, Spa water is another topic. A spa is a place where nature brings forth a spring whose water is either hot or has an unusually high mineral content. Many people attest to the benefits of drinking these waters but it is best to consult your physician before making travel plans.
The prospect drinking six to eight glasses of water may seem like a daunting task to some individuals, but don’t get discouraged, simply add a little flavor to the water to give it a tangy boost. Though a dash of lemon or lime juice will add zest to the fluid, do as the tony spas do and add slices of cucumber or sprigs of lemongrass. Herb teas are acceptable enhancers to plain water, but skip the sugar. Ice cubes also add flavor and can be made more interesting. Just freeze the cubes with berries of your choice or grapes. No ordinary water ice cubes will do however. Remember to use the same distilled or spring water for these tangy ice cube enhancers.
Fancy diets may be all the fad but water can not only detox the body, it fights fat as well. According to a Virginia Tech University study, there’s a simple trick that makes you feel full even before you start eating. All you need do is to slowly drink a sixteen ounce glass of water before each meal, and as much additional water during the day to complete your 8 glasses full capacity. Of course, you’ll need to coordinate this fat fight cure with a sensible diet, perhaps even consult a nutritionist but most important before starting this regime, consult your doctor first.
Water is a rich commodity and in some countries it is so rare that there are water wars. Let us give praise to the health benefits of water so freely available to us in this country. Best advice from my savvy mother. “Don’t reach for hot java, upon first arising take a glass of warm spring water, not so hot that it is objectionable, and drink it slowly to let the fluid clarify the system of poisons.”


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