Thursday, January 28, 2010


Awaken Your Sleeping Beauty: Edgar Cayce as told by Polly Guerin

Susceptibility to colds is almost universal, widespread and contagious, especially in places where groups of people congregate; in schools, on public transportation, movie houses, theaters and social events. Colds are as common as common can get because they do not discriminate and can infect everyone in their path. They are definitely communicable and transmitted in numerous ways. In confined places the germs could be floating in the air or they could be spread by direct or indirect contact. No wonder, people have condoned the mantra “wash your hands frequently” or they sanitize their hands with anti-bacterial liquid preparations or anti-bacterial moist hand wipes. No one wants to get bogged down with a full-fledged or even a minor cold in the first place and seeks answers as to how to steer clear of the invasive germs. In readings the great physic Edgar Cayce advised, “The best way to cope with the common cold is to avoid catching it in the first place.” Don’t you wish it could be that easy, but Cayce had further thoughts on the subject.
Measures can be taken to ward off the infection even before it begins. Obviously a well-balanced diet is essential, sufficient rest a must and proper attire both indoors and out all help to keep the body’s resistance high. Proper ventilation in home or office with sufficient humidity in the air helps to keep the mucous membranes in a healthy condition. If a humidifier is not handy, adequate moisture can be maintained by keeping a pan of water on a radiator. Obviously, one should avoid contact with anyone who has a cold. The minute a child or person’s starts sneezing it is best to remove yourself from their vicinity. Obviously that is not so easy within a family and it is therefore it so often happens that the common cold is spread to parents and children alike.
Cayce took the diagnosis further saying, “A body is more susceptible to cold with an excess of acidity or alkalinity, but more susceptible in case of excess acidity. For an alkalizing effect is destructive to the cold germ.” (902-1) In addition to the pressures put upon us by our computer driven society fatigue, worry, stress and strain, other emotional upsets and inadequate nutrition contribute to the acid condition that invites attack from cold germs and other infections. Cayce said, “There is no mystery or magic about getting rid of a cold once it has been contracted. All therapy aims at alkalizing the body in one way or another and relieving the symptoms of discomfort brought on by the infection.”
When the first indication of a cold blooming comes on pushing yourself to go to work or to go out of your home will only exacerbate the cold condition further. The best way to fight a cold is to immediately go to bed and rest, because during rest and sleep, balance is restored to the autonomic nervous system. Cayce had this to say, “Stop eating for two days and drink as much liquid as possible, up to one gallon a day. This should be largely citrus fruits that are freshly squeezed with the addition of lemon or orange or grapefruit juice.” Folk medicine remedies also suggest including drinking great quantities ginger tea or fenugreek tea, which can be purchased in a health food store. Another good alkalizer, recommended by Cayce, is one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, slipped slowly every hour. He also added that it is also important to clear out the system with an enema or colonic. Percussion massage is also very useful in breaking up a cold and can be performed by a massage therapist of a member of one’s family. An aspirin tablet or salt dissolved in hot water is beneficial for gargling to soothe a sore throat. Obviously, anyone who has a consistent history of recurring colds with accompanying complications should consult a physician.
In the good old days before the wide selection of commercial remedies were available, most people had to rely on a good old fashioned home remedy to rid themselves of a cold. Patience and preparation is all you need to take the holistic route to cure the common cold. Edgar Cayce was a great exponent of the natural school of healing and recommended the following Cough Mixture 1, “For any flu or cold, this would be well as an expectorant as an eliminant, and to cause the clearing of hoarseness—made in this way and manner: Take an egg that has not been in the refrigerator or cold storage. Then to this white of egg, add: Juice of one lemon, dropped very slowly into same. About a teaspoon of honey, dropped slowly into same also. About three drops—one at time—of Glycerine. Beat thoroughly together. Of course, it would be worked in together when the Glycerine is added. Take a teaspoonful every two or three hours. We will find that this will clear a cold, relieve stress through the throat and nasal passages, bronchi and larynx, and most helpful for this body.” (845-3) Well, there you are a remedy right in your kitchen. Obviously home remedies should be considered immediately with the onset of a cold, don’t wait until it blows up into a full-fledged infection.
You have an excuse to relinquish yourself to a day or two off the daily routine and the best time to pamper yourself is when you have a cold. Get under the covers, you’ll get drowsy in time and sleep will overtake you and contribute to curing the cold. When sleep does not come readily, then indulge yourself and listen to some soothing music, light an aromatic candle and daydream. Keep the humidifier going and take your homemade medicine like a good patient. It’s time to stop and just taste the sweetness of life and the restorative powers of positive thinking knowing that soon you will be well!


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