Wednesday, January 13, 2010


By Polly Guerin

Nothing makes our appearance more youthful looking than bright, clear, sparkling eyes, the picture of health and happiness. Edgar Cayce alludes to eyes as being the “windows of the soul,” for this is a truth that plays out every day in eye contact with another individual. We can read a lot into the personality of a person just by looking into their eyes. A lackluster eye is a telltale sign of sadness within or poor health, while brighter eyes like the song “sparkle and be gay” indicate an outgoing happy, healthy person. Mother Nature has done her part to protect our eyes by providing eyelashes and eyebrows designed to catch miniscule objects and particles of dirt from falling into our eyes. Of course, many of us lament the fact that our eyelashes are not as long as we would wish, but don’t count on commercial products alone that promise longer lashes or expensive products that address problems of puffiness, crow’s feet or dark circles. Cayce had a number of natural recommendations to bring out the full beauty of your eyes.
Cayce’s take on good nutrition to maintain healthy eyes is a simple formula that anyone can follow with a well-balanced diet. He especially recommended, “Take plenty of carrots, yams, green peas and green beans, onions, beets.” These were recommended to be taken each day. They “have a direct bearing upon the application of that assimilated for the optic forces. (3552-1) To this he advised that you add to the diet about twice as many oranges, lemons and limes as is part of the diet in the present. These also supplement with a great deal of carrots especially as combined with gelatin, if we would aid and strengthen the optic nerves and the tensions between sympathetic and cerebrospinal systems. (5401-1). It is interesting to note that in Japan, the appearance of a dish is as important as the taste. They believe in the tradition of “go sheik,” meaning five colors. Each meal therefore might include red (carrots), green (peas or beans), white (onion), orange (yams) and dark maroon (beets) to make the presentation more appealing and nutritious.
With so many of us logged into our computers all day the condition of our eyes can be a concern because as we age so does the condition of the eyes. Maintaining perfect vision is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. Just as many of us jog each day to maintain our body strength so must the eyes be exercised each day and Edgar Cayce had a very easy-to-do, simple exercise which you can do sitting at your computer and even performed elsewhere at other times during the day. To the question, “how can I improve my vision?” Cayce said, “When we remove the pressures of the toxic forces we will improve the vision. Also the head and neck exercise will be most helpful. Take this regularly, not taking it sometimes and leaving off sometimes, but each morning and each evening take this exercise regularly for six months and we will see a great deal of difference. Sitting erect, bend the head forward three times, to the back three times, to the right side three times, to the left side three times, and then circle the head each way three times.” He further advises, “Don’t hurry through with it, but take the time to do it. We will get results.” (3549-1) To this exercise I also like to perform an eyeball exercise, which can be done anywhere like when you’re on a bus or waiting for a lecture to begin. Just roll your eye inside your closed or open eyelids, whichever you prefer. Simply roll your eyes, very slowly, to the right and circle them until you come back to the front. Do this several times then repeat in the other direction.
Our eyes are particularly sensitive to aging so we want to preserve our eyesight and avoid the need to wear reading glasses. Of course, it is always wise to consult your eye doctor, but you could try Cayce’s simple remedy. To the question, “How may my eyes be strengthened so as to eliminate the necessity of reading glasses? He replied, “By the head and neck exercise in the open, as ye walk for twenty to thirty minutes each morning.” He cautions, “Now do not undertake it one morning and then say, ‘It rained and I couldn’t get out,’ or ‘I’ve got to go somewhere else,’ and think there aren’t those despot conditions that rebel at not have their morning walk!” (2533-6)
There’s nothing attractive about puffiness about the eyes or bloodshot eyes from eyestrain, which clouds your natural beauty. Yes, there are many commercial products that address these concerns but instead of using costly treatments that temporarily reduce the conditions you can achieve the same results the natural way. Reducing puffiness and eyestrain can be achieved by lying back on the bed and placing an ice pack or cool tea bags over each eyelid and remaining thus for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. These homemade alternatives are cost effective in your beauty budget and act like the over-the-counter products. The cooling sensation encourages the blood vessels to shrink and in turn reduces puffiness. A word of caution. Be careful, do not extend facial moisturizes to the under the eye area, because some moisturizers can actually make the eyes even puffier and more swollen. One friend of mine developed a rash of tiny pinheads on the skin around the entire eye area and was told by the doctor to leave off putting any kind of moisturizer near the eye area and to bath the outer it with warm water. In just a few weeks the condition corrected itself. On the relief of eye strain Cayce recommended, “Bathe these with a weak Glyco-Thymoline solution. Use an eye cup, and two parts of distilled water (preferably) to one part of the Glyco-Thymoline. This irritation is a part of the kidney disturbance that has come from upsetting the digestive forces. (3050-2)
It goes without harping on the subject but no part of the body is more vulnerable to sun damage than the eyes. Why? Because the collagen and elastin under the eyes are most vulnerable and affected by the sun’s damaging rays. A strong sunscreen that is designed for eye use will probably offer more protection than a commercial moisturizer. Always read the contents of a product you purchase to ascertain its level of protection. And, of course, the golden rule is to wear sun glasses to protect your eyes, and if you usually wear long distance glasses have the lenses changed to accommodate your prescription. Alas, there is a lot of talk about crow’s feet and wrinkles, but they are not so much a sign of skin aging but of usage. Every time we open and shut our eyes, widen them in surprise or squint or close them tightly they’ve done a lifetime of work and the area is stretched and pulled. While these telltale signs of wear and tear cannot be entirely erased their appearance certainly can be softened by doing the head and neck exercises. In addition, the application of cosmetic concealing products will also diminish their appearance.
The desire for beautiful eyes is everyone’s prerogative. However, a word of caution. Commercial treatments in the eye area must be done very carefully. Always read the instructions before making an application and when in doubt consult your eye doctor. Don’t expect miracles. Not much can be done to really check the advance of wrinkles; it’s just part of life. Most importantly, remember never to do anything that would in any way harm your vision.


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